These Kiddos Melt My Heart

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Does that face not just make you melt?! Those cheeks are the prefect squeezable size and this doll has the most precious baby earrings. ever. Her name is Abby, or Abs as Chris calls her.

This precious boy here is Jacob, Ab's older brother, whom she idolizes. She adores her brother more than she even knows, and it is adorable to watch.

You might recognize them form our wedding. They were the flower girl and ring bearer. You can see the cutest pictures ever here, here, and here of Jacob pulling Abby in a wagon. Everyone at the wedding agreed that it was the darn cutest thing they had ever laid eyes on.

These two precious angels are part of that family that I talked about here.

Their Momma - Holly - is the first one to my right:

She is my big sister without us technically sharing blood. Yes, we are that close. Although, did you see how much our Dads look like twins?!? Ya, we are still thinking we have to be related!

Anyways, a couple weekends ago Chris and I ventured down to the Hill Country to visit my family (which includes my Mom and Dad, Uncle Randy, Aunt D, Holly and Trevor, and the kiddos...since we all live right next door to one another! Well really we all have property next to each technically not next door...). I got the privilege of taking care of these two babies while Holly and my Aunt were away on a weekend getaway (Chris and I sent them to San Antonio for the weekend as a thank you for all the hard work they did for our wedding!), and all the boys were hunting.

We painted and played superhero, and I just got to love on these two, which was all I really wanted.

Jacob and Abby,

Please stop growing. There are no other hopes for babies in our family until Chris and I have a little Tuck, which is not anytime soon (which means not for 3-5 years for those people who don't know the exact meaning of soon). I need babies in my life and y'all are all I've got, so slow your roll because I love your unconditional lovin' and don't want y'all to grow up quite yet!


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