New Rug and a Few of My Favorite Things

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Last week I had to return something at Target. Of course no one can just go in, return their item, and walk out, right? Right! You must shop since you made the effort to drive there, park, and walk inside. A reward is necessary for that effort.

I like to consider new items for our home presents for both Chris and I (it isn't my couch, it is our couch, etc.). While walking around with this mentality I ran across the rug section. I We have been in search of a new rug for our living room. Rugs USA has amazing sales, but when I saw this particular rug, I couldn't resist. I had already been eyeing it reality, the plushness feels great on the tootsies!

The previous rug we had in the living room was a jute rug I ordered off Overstock a couple months ago. Great, great rug, but it didn't give off the warm and cozy feeling I was going for.

I thought Chris would never notice the game of musical rugs I had played, but within the first 30 seconds of entering the house he said, "Oh babe, I like that rug." Then he showered and came back out to the living room where I spotted him, bare naked footed, feelin' the rug. Us Tuckers love cozy things.

So where did the jute rug go in this little game of lets-switch-the-rugs-around? It ended up about 20 feet away in the dining room. I love when rooms get completely new looks by moving pieces around. It's like a whole new house!

Once I clear my table of textbooks and calculators I will post more revealing pictures of the rugs and their new spaces. Hopefully I will be getting a new camera soon (hint, hint Christopher) and when that happens be prepared for a large photo dump of the hundreds of photos I will properly take of our home. Not dissing Instagram, but I can only take the blurry pictures a little while longer :)

Now onto a few of my favorite things this Friday...the last Friday of October...where the heck did 2012 go?!?!

Two of these Christmas stockings will be ordered soon. I am currently obsessed with all things Ballard.

Personalized Ballard Christmas Stockings
Ski Teal We Drop has been on my fingers and toes lately and I am in love.


I have never owned a curling iron. Crazy, right?! I have naturally curly hair, plus I just used my straightner. Well I bought this one and I am super-duper happy with it!  

Have a great weekend!

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