What I Wore Wednesday - Michael Kors and Stripes

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I have expressed my love for Michael Kors here talking about items that I want, but now I am going to talk about MK shoes that I have. Obviously champagne taste is genetic. Or at least I am blaming it on Meme :) Now if only she left that Gucci purse lying around somewhere...

This outfit is composed of items that range in single digit prices, to triple digit prices (Gasp! I splurged, but don't worry, I justify everything!).

I am dying to wear more fall-ish clothes, but with temperatures in the upper 80's, Texas forces me to keep the sundresses close. I just. want. to. put. them. away! "Supposedly" we are getting cold weather this weekend. I am not holding my breath.

Last weekend we headed to the Hill Country to celebrate Meme's life and I chose this navy and white striped dress, my bubble necklace found in Canton, and my MK nudies (Yes, I just made that word up. Inappropriate? Nah!).

Everyone, and I do mean everyone, needs/deserves/isn't living unless they have a pair of nude pumps. Or wedges. Basically I love nude shoes and I love Michael. He makes my speakers go boom boom. As does Chris, but Chris doesn't design shoes...am I justifying this purchase well enough yet? No? Okay, I'll go on.

Ya see, I bought these pumps last spring when I needed a neutral pair of shoes to wear to all my bridal showers, yet I wanted them to be comfortable fashionable enough to wear to work. These peep toe cuties did just the trick, and with a little no convincing from my buddy at MK, I was sold. I must say, they are getting their monies worth!

We took these pictures in the dining room at my Granddad's retirement home, so we didn't get to have the normal let's-take-a-million-pictures-and-choose-a-couple of them photoshoot.

Nude color + MK = LOVE
Isn't my cousin Erin GORG???!!!

This dress is so light and comfy. Comfort is keyyyy. It came with a bright pink skinny belt that I am not a fan of (and the belt was too small, but we are not going to mention that because it is not Sarah's fault she has no defined waist or torso and she can't pull off belts. blah.). I usually opt for no belt because it cuts me in half and instead just let the elastic do its thing.

I paired the dress with my yellow bubble necklace because, ummm, I love it. And the outfit screams for a pop of color. Maybe that is how the "designer" was justifying the awful pink belt.

Now for got budget breakdown:

- Dress from Ross: drum roll please...$9.99! Yup, worth all .999 cents.
- Necklace from Canton: $42
- Shoes from Michael Kors: $120, but totally justified remember.
- Grand Total: $171.99

Here is how I normally wear this dress. No, I don't have pictures of it and I am already in my PJ's, so I am just going to describe it to you.

I have these white, $5 imitation Tory Burch sandals. 99% of the time I have worn this dress I throw those babies on, with the dress, and head out the door. Grand total for that outfit is just shy of 15 bucks.

Another way I wear this dress is with brown wedges and a long brown beaded necklace I have. Since I got the brown wedges almost 8 years ago for $5.98 at Target and the necklace just jumped out of my Mom's jewelry box into mine (isn't it funny how that happens?!?!), I'd calculate this outfit to be right around 15 bucks as well.

As you can see this outfit doesn't have to be expensive, it just depends on what you pair it with!

And can I just add that Ross has never in my life come up more clutch than this year. I mean this outfit, this outfit, this outfit, and now this outfit all have pieces from Ross. Who-da thunk it?!

Do you have any great buys from Ross?!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Adorbs. LOVE MK. My hubby doesn't completely appreciate my love affair with that man, but, like you said- he doesn't know the true art of designing perfectly beautiful shoes and handbags:)

  2. oh, Ross...the things they do for me. There's not enough room to discuss my favorite buys from there. However, my top 3 are a bright purple Ralph Lauren dress clearanced to $9.99 b/c the inside tab was missing( I found & sewed it on for $2) BCBG boots that were $14.95 and my MK two toned watched that was $39.95 all b/c the box was missing. Love it and love that necklace!

  3. I'm a Ross addict. It's really quite ridiculous. I love your dress and necklace. Navy and yellow are so cute together!


  4. I love how you mixed a high end item with some super affordable pieces. Your MK heels are gorgeous...totally worth it! Thanks so much for linking up!

    The Tiny Heart

  5. I agree that every girl needs a pair of nudies. haha. I have nude wedges that I can not live without. Thanks for linking up!
    Penniless Socialite