Pumpkins and Pine Cones and Leopard, Oh My!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Since this is my first year owning a house, being married, not a full-time student, and not living with roommates (Chris and I call each other roomies for life, but that doesn't count) I really wanted to go ALL OUT with the holiday decorations, buttttt then I see the prices of some things and I want to scream out "who is really going to pay $24.99 for a plastic pumpkin when in one week it will be a dollar?!?! I place it back on the shelf like I am just not interested.

I have decided this year is going to be the year of buying all my holiday decorations the day after the actual holiday. Yes, I may decorate for each holiday after it has already passed, but hey!, there is no rule saying I can't have pumpkin around my house all year long. Actually I do have this husband who will probably object to that...

Anyways, since I am cheap not willing to pay full price for decorations this year I have been buying little items here and there. I mean I have to have something laying around indicating that the temperatures are no longer in the triple digits. Que the pumpkins and black - or glittery orange - cats and purple skulls to remind me that fall is upon us.

The black vases were garage sale finds for $.50 a pop and the black flowers, cat, and skull were Michaels finds. These little arrangements may be decorations in preparation for a little get together this weekend, but then again, maybe they're not. Ok, they are, but I can't show you anymore than that!

Moving on now to my lame minimal fall decorations. I wouldn't even really call them decorations, more or less some pine cones and pumpkins. I had these grand plans to have a fab table setting, but since we opted for no formal dining room in our house it is hard to have a fully decorated and funtional table (I usually spread my textooks all over the table, along with financial calculators, coffee, and lots of snacks). It was getting reallyyy annoying moving my fall inspired place settings from one place to another. I don't regret only choosing a house with one eating space, I just know what I want in my next house! Oh Chrissss.......

Now for Christmas decorations...no I have not whipped out the Christmas tree yet, but I am really tempted to...has anyone seen the to die for rooms in the Ballard Designs magazine? Oh. My. Gosh. I just want e v e r y t h i n g. I mean look at these rooms. They have Christmas AND leopard print all in ONE ROOM. Yes people, the best print in the world and the best holiday joined forces and graced these glossy pages to create a design masterpiece.

Is this room not perfect?!

As for this year's Christmas decorations, I did buy all of our ornaments last year on sale the day after Christmas. Chris proposed on December 17th, so I knew we would be needing our own decorations! Does that mean I won't but more ornaments this year after Christmas? No, but at least for this Christmas we are covered. I want to have options when it comes to Christmas decorations, so more than one set of ornaments is necessary wanted.

I can't wait for the after holiday sales this year. I am kind of sad we are not rollin' in the pumpkins and spiders for this fall/Halloween, but I know next year we are going all. out. Yes, the Tucker's will be that house on the block; decked out. I can hardly wait! 


  1. I have totally died over the Ballard Designs "JOY" letters for the last several years. LOVE.

  2. I love your decorations :) Ballard Designs always creates such great spaces! The living room is perfect!