The Dresser Is No Longer Naked

Monday, October 8, 2012

She finally has her front back on. I mentioned here how we were in the process of turning an old dresser into a TV cabinet. Well, I am a girl and - surprise! - I changed my mind. That was when we moved it here. And, if you didn't notice there was something significant (and functional!) missing from the front of the dresser. Oh ya...the dresser pulls, knobs, handles...whatever you want to call them.

I had taken them off a long time ago when we first moved into our house and being the procrastinator that I am busy newlywed/graduate student/tax accountant that I am, the knobs got put on the back burner. You know the burner that is so far away it is almost invisible? Ya, that one. My original plan was to buy new knobs, but that plan never went through.

A couple weekends ago when I was busy doing this, this, this, and this I realized I could just spray paint the old knobs and not have to spend money on new ones! Duh...why had I not thought of that earlier? Don't answer that :)

Armed with my silver spray paint, I lined those old brass babies up and got to paintin'. Ahhh for the first time in a long time we could actually open a drawer without saying a curse word. 

Since this dresser is more for looks and less for function, I was not too worried about the paint chipping or not staying on. So far I don't think we have touched a knob since the day I screwed them back I'd say they should look nice and shiny for a while. 



I did about 3 coats and it seemed to stick great. It is ah-maze-zing what a can of spray paint can do. 


  1. Looks great! Love the color! Make sure you check my blog tomorrow (Wednesday) for a little surprise! :)

  2. are you going to post every item in your house on YHL today?