DIY 'LOVE' Art - for about $10!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

All ya need is love, right? After I saw this over on Megan's blog I knew my home could use some lovin'. After a quick trip to wonderland Hobby Lobby I came away with four little letters: l, o, v, e. I almost chose the same style letters as Megan, but I decided I would mix it up a bit. I went for the bubble looking letters. Honestly, they were cheaper and took up more wall space. Score and score!

Out to the garage I went and these little ladies letters got a nice coat of spray paint. Gold and silver were the theme of the weekend.

I painted the O silver and the other letters gold. Is it to cheesy if I say I am in love with the way it turned out?

I think our bedroom acquired a gold and silver theme over the weekend, unintentionally. That's okay because I, and the Mr., approve! Look at that Starburst Mirror! Mmmm mmm mmmmm! And we must not forget my super easy DIY Headboard.

You might be wondering where our awesome bedside lamps are (or maybe you're not wondering, but I'm going to pretend you are)....well, I have yet to find the perfect lampshades for these bad boys, so until then they will not be making any appearances in any photos. Annoying, right? Ya, I know. Chris and I have bought so. many. lampshades, but none are getting the job done. We are being patient, but I am feeling a DIY lampshade in the near future...any ideas?!? 

Now, back to the budget breakdown for a little lovin':
- Four letters from Hobby Lobby, with coupon: $10.38
- I already had the spray paint, so GRAND TOTAL: $10.38

I enjoy projects like this because if I feel too much love ever get tired of it, I can take it down and replace it with something else...without feeling guilty about how much I spent. Plus, I tend to redecorate/rearrange rooms frequently, so who knows where - or what color - these love letters will end up!

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