DIY Necklace Organizer - For $1

Thursday, October 4, 2012

No, I did not forget another number after the $1. Seriously, one dollar. Remember when Chris and I went to a garage sale? Well I cam across this interesting piece (I think it is for men's ties...) and instantly thought: necklaces! Is that what you thought when you saw it at first? No? I'm weird for instantly, literally instantly, thinking that? That is okay :) Because now I have an awesome necklace organizer for one buck. One dolla make ya holla!

I don't think a budget breakdown is necessary for this, but I night as well keep it consistent:
- Tie organizer converted into necklace organizer: ONE BUCK!

There are tons of ways to organize your necklaces, but this one only required about two minutes of my Chris's time, so I was pleased. No longer will there be necklaces strung throughout the home. I called it decoration, Chris called it clutter. We agree to disagree :)

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