What I Wore Wednesday - Riding Boots and a Pretty Blouse

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

85 degrees or not, it is the middle of October and I am breaking out the riding boots. If fall won't come to Texas, I will come to fall.

This time of year is tricky in Texas. In the mornings you feel like you should break out your North Face and Uggs, but by the afternoon you could go swimming. Dumb.

Since I decided to wear my FAVORITE riding boots that are for cooler weather, I wore a short-sleeve shirt so that I would not burn up the moment I walked out to my car after work. I am just waiting for the day it gets below 70 and stays below 70 for the rest of the year. Ahhh, I can't wait for that day...

I was not born with powers to change the weather, so I will change my outfit in hope that it influences the weather. When you see me wearing my ski gear, don't be alarmed, I am just hoping to influence Mother Nature.

Anyways, back to these ridin' boots. You know, the other day Chris and I were at a restaurant next to a Polo Club and a family walked in and they had on legit riding boots. I was slightly jealous that mine are just for looks and not for actually riding horses. Although, now that I think about it..being able to wear riding boots without having to actually ride/own a horse is a pretty good deal.

Now in this post Sheaffer asked me what my favorite piece of clothing was and I was SO tempted to write this shirt, but I didn't know how to describe it. Hence this post title: ...and a Pretty Blouse. I got this flowy little number at Nordstom a couple years ago and it was so worth every penny (which it really wasn't that many pennies).

**Chris was at his slow pitch softball game, so I was on my own to take the pics. Eeeek I am already cringing at the self portrait. I just don't photograph myself well...awkward. But that cute little puppy dog poking in through the door made the picture undeletable (is that a word? yes.).

Isn't that a pretty picture in the background??!

Before I spill the budget breakdown I will justify this outfit by saying that each pice in this get-together has HEAVILY got in good use. The jeans get weekly use, the shirt is a go-to all summer long, and the boots are a multiple times a week wear when the weather cools down.

Here we go:
- Shirt form Nordstrom: $34, bought two years ago.
- Jeans from Banana Republic: about $50...I think...
- Steve Madden Boots from Dillards: $165, but TOTALLY worth EVERY dolla.
- GRAND TOTAL: $249, buttt remember...I wear all these items bunches of times :) Okay, justified!

That is a lot of moolah compared to all my other WIWW outfits. Especially this one. Buttt these are fall essentials, ladies! Who agrees?!?

Happy Wednesday!