Many Cancers One Run

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This past Saturday, October 6th, was the Many Cancers One Run in Uptown.

An email went out in our office last week saying there were people who had to drop out, so there were open spots. Instantly I was thinking, "YES, I'll do it!" Then I back tracked and reminded myself that I am super out of shape and get winded going to the refridgerator haven't worked out in monthsssss. For people who know me, that is unusual, but I swear, once I got married I lost all motivation. Blame it on the ma ma ma ma ma marriage. I also blame it on the marriage because Chris has no desire to work out either. Maybe one day we will get back into working out. Right now we are just enjoying our first offical break from working out 15 years ago.

We both started playing sports, year-around, at a young age, so I think it is perfectly okay to take some time off. The problem is...Chris doesn't work out and he losses 15 pounds and has to punch two new holes in his belt. I don't work out and...well, women know what I am talking about. Let's just say I wasn't having to punch new holes in my belt. I've had to alter what I eat in order to make up for my lack in working out. Hey, ya win some and ya lose some, and at the end of the day, I'm gonna eat that darn cookie!

After the thought of me huffing and puffing got out of my head, I hit reply on the email and said I'd take a spot! Even though I haven't ran, gone to the gym, done any physical actvity in a super-duper long time I finished the 5k in 33 minutes! Who cares about the time?!?! All I cared about was not dying on the Katy Trail! There was so much motivation knowing I was running for a good cause. Plus, I was super proud of myself that I only walked to, of course, take a couple pics :)

Did I mention that this was the first morning in Texas that it actually felt like fall? Ya, it was chilly!

This cutie got up at 6:00am on a Saturday to come out and support his wife. You're the best, Christopher! Then he took me on a date to Bread Winners where I devoured blueberry pancakes and bacon. Hey, no judging! I just ran three miles on a Saturday morning!

We had the best spot at the restaurant. Looking at this view made me kinda-sorta feel like I wasn't even in Dallas. It was a perfect Saturday!

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