We're Burnin' Up!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Did anyone, anyone do the you're-so-excited-you-could-scream-and-dance motion when you walked out of your house this past weekend and it finally felt like fall?!? I did! And so did Chris! We love cold weather and this past weekend it felt just like that; cold.

For the first time in a long time we were not sweating while walking to the car, or driving with the A/C on full blast. Instead, we had our bun warmers (heater seats) on and the smell of fall in the air!

Sunday was the day we decided to no longer have a virgin fireplace. We lit that baby up! Don't you just love the warmth a fire brings?? I instantly wanted a Chrismas tree to be flickering and snow to be falling. One of those things will be plausable in the next couple months, the other...only in my dreams! We used real logs, no fake stuff here. The smoky smell and a cup of coffee - minus my endless hours of homework - made for a perfect lazy Sunday.

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