What I Wore Wednesday - Nude, Purple, and a Flowy Top

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nude wedges. Purple jeans. And a flowy Top. Just to clarify. I love, love, loved this outfit. Maybe because the top allows me to not have to suck in my tummy, or maybe because my jeans were under ten dollars. I haven't decided why yet, but probably one of those reasons.

Some days my outfits are bland and boring, even staring at my closet for ten minutes just to come up with a less than fashionable outfit (maybe I am just not awake in the mornings?). Other days I feel like the stars line up and a cute outfit just hops off the hanger and onto my bod (yes bod, not body). This was one of those days.

I bought the purple jeans without trying them on. You know that moment when you reallllyyy don't want to try clothes on, but you find something that you love and is super cheap? I know, gasp, right?! You read that correctly; I did not try the jeans on before I bought them. For the price I got them I did not feel the need to go try them on. After spotting them, I checked the size then held them up and had that moment of "is my butt really that big?" Well, after squeezing into them at home, I got the answer to my question; yup! After a bit of pulling and tugging - and maybe the lay-on-the-bed-to-button-your-pants trick - the pants were on! Luckily they are a bit stretchy, so they weren't uncomfortable at all!

I found the pants and the nude wedges at Ross the day I swooped in looking for throw pillows. Must have been my lucky day!
The pants are a dark grey/purple...but more purple...
My photographer never waits until I am ready...but he is cute, so I forgive him.

Wrigley is looking into becoming a model. He is mastering the "look away from the camera" pose.
Chris insisted the shoes looked great in the grass...hmmm.

My photographer quickly got distracted by the pups. He loves playing with those two.
  • Top: $22 from Vintage Cottage in Blanco
  • Jeans: $8.99!!! from Ross
  • BCBG Shoes: $32.99 from Ross
  • Earrings: Free...I'm sure my Mom gave them to me!
  • TOTAL: $63.98
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Happy Wednesday!


  1. Sarah! My husband's name is Chris...I have those exact BCBG shoes from Ross....and my sister has a dog named Wrigley. Not to mention we live so close to each other. What are you in graduate school for? If you say Speech-Language Pathology I might freak out! :)

  2. Very cute! And love those earrings :-)