Happy 18th Birthday, Little Brother

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Holy cow. He is 18. It was like yesterday when I was no longer an only child and became a big sister.

I remember praying for a sibling. I remember my parents letting him sleep in his bassinet in my room the night he came home from the hospital. Then, I clearly remember wheeling his bassinet out of my room and into my parent's room the moment he started crying. I remember being sooo proud to have a little brother. I remember playing with and guiding that little guy through life's daily lessons. I remember him never watching a cartoon in his life, only sports. I remember him as the ball boy for the high school football team because he wasn't big enough to carry the water bottles yet. I remember watching out for him on family ski trips and worrying about him when he went out too far in the ocean. I remember when he would compare our report cards to see who got the higher grade, oh wait, he still does that! I remember him being such a big baby (9lb 13oz!) that I couldn't hold him without sitting down. I remember all the silly names I called him and how I would tease him until I got in trouble. I remember the moment he was taller than me and I could no longer win a race. I remember when he went from being my little brother to my best friend.


I'm so glad I was blessed with the best brother a girl could ask for. From your passion for our Lord, to your never-got-below-a-94-on-my-report-card attitude, I have an incredible amount of respect for you and the man you have become. You go from quarterback on Friday nights to One Act Play on Saturday mornings to preaching at Church on Sunday mornings and never once do you complain. Why didn't I get the no complaining gene?! You literally amaze me with all your accomplishments and you are wise beyond your years. You're polite, honest, and the most sincere human walking the face of Earth. I have no doubt you have bright things in your future and I am honored to be your sister. Although, I will say, it's tough being the #1 child, but someones gotta do it ;)

Happy 18th Birthday, Little Bro. You've made Mom, Dad, and I so proud, and we love you so much!

Love, the #1 child in our family,

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