WIWW: Prime Colors + Link Up

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Remember my favorite polka-dotted top? Well this polka-dotted top from Langford Market is a close second. I don't even know if I can compare the two since they are basically identical. 

To me, there is no better color combination than the prime colors. This week in fifth grade we are learning about prime numbers, so I felt this outfit was fitting. Do you know what prime numbers are? If you are anything like me then you definitely had to really think about it. Luckily my training on this lesson refreshed my memory!

Top: Langford Market c/o // Jenas: Target  (similar)// Shoes: Target (similar)

Wednesday randoms:

- I caught a stomach bug from school, so I spent all day Tuesday cooped up in bed with Saltines and Gatorade. I haven't been sick like that in a very long time!

- Three of our friends have had babies in the past week! Talk about adorable baby fever!

- I am so ready for the holiday season! I am ready for food, and family, and cooler weather!

- I went to Target the other day. I stumbled across the Medium Taupe Phillip Lim purse. Impulsively I told Chris I had to have it for Christmas. After .26 seconds I realized that was totally me speaking without thinking. Although very cute, I was playing with the zipper and examining the purse in general and I think I'm convinced I would rather splurge on a different purse (like this one!). I could be completely wrong, but the zipper on this one was all janky and I just didn't see the quality I was hoping for. Sorry, Phillip. We are not a match made in purse heaven. 

Now for the link up!

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- Write about something fashion related (accessories, shoes, modeling, make-up, etc.)
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Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Hope you are feeling better- that doesn't sound like fun! And way to go on resisting the bag...I agree- much better to wait for a REALLY good one that you want! PS- I LOVE your hair! I wish I could make mine grow faster...I get too impatient and always chop it haha! Do you curl it?

  2. Those colors! That shirt! I adore this outfit! I love love love polka dots and that shirt is seriously perfect. And I've been eyeing up mustard jeans ever since they've been "in" but haven't had the courage to try them yet. I think you may have just changed my mind :)

  3. im wearing the same colours in my post today too! yay for happy bright colours!:) love your blouse so much!! and thank you for hosting xx

  4. I am loving this color combo! It's so fun! I need a pair of mustard pants!

  5. So cute! I love the top!!


  6. Yay for being Langford Market twins today!!! Talk about blogger ESP. :) You look adorable! Annnnnd, baby fever is getting warmer??? :)

  7. Agreed on the whole purse thing.

  8. I love your outfit!! For you not shopping this year you seriously have THE CUTEST outfits!! Can I come raid your closet!!! :)

  9. Umm...Mustard pant envy! And oh, how I love me some cute polka dots! Yeah, I wasn't sold on the whole PL purse thing at Target. But how I would love to be your Tory Burch twinsy! ;) Hope you have been feeling better...when I worked for the school district...I'd get pink eye aaaallll the time..#ew.

  10. Love your outfit!!! Glad you're feeling better - stomach bugs are the worst! Thanks for the link up :) have a great day!!

  11. Wow, 3 babies?! How fun!! And how did they still have a Phillip Lim purse at your store? Crazy! I was sad I missed out on the small ones but hearing that makes me feel better...haha.
    Loving the primary colors, you remind me of a Disney princess some how...lol maybe because Snow White wears these colors? Anyway, darling top and I love the mustard skinnies!

  12. Fun color combo. You just reminded me that I have yet to buy myself a pair of mustard pants. Must fix this now! Glad to hear you're feeling better. I'll bet it's hard being a teacher with all the little germies around.

  13. I am ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED over your top! I love the big polka dots, they are amazing!!!!

    And keep holding out for the Phillip Lim purse and STALK your Target, I snagged one for $8 because it was returned and was an online only bag. For $8, totally a bag that's worth it!



  14. I'm with you on the target/lim collab. I wasn't impressed with the purse quality either :( Love this outfit though, primary colors are perfect any time of the year!


  15. this outfit is absolutely PERFECT, love everything about it!

  16. Love these colors together! As for the Phillip Lim purse, I bought the tote and the stitching is already coming unraveled :( So you made a good call!


  17. Oh YES!!!!!!!! My two favorite colors and polka dots! How gorgeous are you woman?!?!

  18. I love your Blouse. It looks great with Mustard. Cute Ballet Flats, too.

  19. What better way to teach kids prime numbers than wearing prime colored clothes!! haha genius! Loving the top and the mustard jeans look so good on you! :)