WIWW: I Hired Models + Link Up!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I mean look at these cuties. They have got it goin' on! Oww oww!

Okay, so I didn't actually hire them. Hottie in the green is my sister-in-law and the hottie in the black is our family friend Dana. 

Remember when I mentioned I went to a gorgeous bridal shower last weekend? These pictures were taken there. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to pose in front of the pretty pool.

I was slightly embarrassed to take pictures of my outfit for my WIWW post. I don't know why, but posing by myself with a room full of girls that I don't know, who could possibly be looking at me (there were tons of girls in the house that could see in the backyard), was kind of frightening.

Dana suggested I use the flowers as a prop to distract myself from feeling weird taking pictures by myself. I suggested her and Lauren take the lead this time and I decided that would be the perfect opportunity to bring some fresh faces to WIWW! 

They soaked it up. And I loved having the attention be diverted to them! Look at that sass. Wooo!

Scarf: Old Navy// Top: Rue 21 (circa 2003)// Pants: Forever 21// Wedges: BCBG at TJ Maxx
And now for my random thoughts this Wednesday:
- I am so happy Texas is deciding it should be spring. This 80 degree weather can stay for awhile and I'll be perfectly happy. 
- Remember this pig that was Wrigley's bestie? Well the poor piggy was was literally disappearing before our eyes. Look no further. Yesterday, Wrigley up-chucked rubber pieces the size of my hand and the smaller pieces passed...if you know what I mean. How could he eat his best friend? That boy isn't right.

- Our friends two doors down started a Bible study on Monday nights and I am super pumped. Not only am I pumped to learn more about God, but the fact that I don't even have to drive anywhere. I just grab my little Bible and walk my little tush two doors down and BAM, we're there. Awesome.

Now it is time to link up and party!

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  1. Lucky, I have to drive 20 minutes to Bible study. You and your friends are all sickeningly adorable! I love your pretty scarf today.

  2. Your pants look so comfy! & great combination of stripes and floral scarf! :)

  3. I love your dresses! What a cute and comfy choice for outfits :)

    If you have a sec, hope you can drop by my blog too and read my latest: www.fashchronicles.blogspot.com