WIWW: Stripe Obsession, Randoms, and Link Up

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Has anyone noticed that no matter what way you turn, there are stripes? 

Black and white stripes
Colorful stripes
Wide stripes
Skinny stripes
Stripes, stripes, stripes!

A couple weekends ago at my SIL's graduation party, this is what happened:

The majority of the peeps at the par-tay were all zebra-ed out!

It was a slight joke....at first. Then, when every other person entering the door had stripes on, it was fantastic. There is actually one guy who isn't pictured; he had a red and navy striped polo on.

See what I mean people?! Stripes!

I have been scouring the streets of Pinterest looking for some stripe inspiration and here is what I have found. 

Ummm I wear a small if anyone wants to send me this dress. I have a lot of weddings and showers to go to this summer...justified?

The perfect casual combination for an almost-summer outfit!

Give me some bug-eyed glasses and call me Jackie O. This dress is so chic!

A maxi...need I say more?

Such a classic combination.

This is probably my most favoritest outfit of them all. I mean sparkles, stripes, and floral? Ahhh, perfection!

And we can't forget about this beauty. Tie a hot pink scarf onto that bad boy and helloooo spring-time!

What trends are you loving these days?

And onto the normal Wednesday randomness:

- Not really random, but prayers are still being said for Moore, Ok.

- I made a crock pot meal off Pinterest last night. Epic fail. I made the Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken and it was not good at all. Bland and boring. Oh well!

- I currently have a party of zits on my face...maybe it has something to do with my unusually high intake of sugar lately. Thank you, Sea Salt Caramel Gelato, thank you. 

- I bought lettuce in hopes of eating more salad. I had to throw it away last night because it went bad. Whomp whomp.

- I have some exciting news in the weeks to come!! I know that is a total tease, but depending on some happenings today, I might be able to blab the news very soon!!

Now onto the WIWW Link Up!

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- Invite other bloggers to link up via social media!
- And go meet people! Please!

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  1. haha I adore that first picture. Pretty fantastic.

  2. I have steereed clear from that carmel gelato, but I think I am going to need it in my life asap! I need that red and white dress too!!

  3. ADorbs!!! Love that family photo above! ;)

  4. I love that top dress! YOur stripes look great, too!

  5. hilarious and I need that maxi dress.

    That's all.

    Oh and your family is freaking hilarious for being so matchy

  6. I am obsessed with all things striped. Half of my closet is striped and I just keep buying more. It is an obsession. I love that everyone showed up in stripes to the party! And the picture with the sparkle and stripes and floral? Perfection!!