I Love My Weirdo {A Video}

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Why Wrigley does this every. single. morning. when I wake up beats me. He has already gone outside to pee, he isn't hungry...oh wait, I know what it is...

I am not paying him enough attention. Excuse me fur-Prince Wrigley whom ruleth thy Tucker Castle. Your peasant mother just rolled out of bed and is searching for her spectacles and slippers. Give her a moment to pee and brush her teeth, then she will be ready to tackle the day and cater to your every need, you little neglected pup you.  

Bailey, on the other hand paw, is not a morning person pup. That girl can give a puppy stank eye like I have never seen before. So while her brother whales his neglect for all the neighborhood to hear (the dog next door starts barking every morning when Wrigley does this), she lays on her bed, eyes shielded from the light as though her beauty sleep fairy has not awoken her yet. Two words: Prima donna.  

On-to some Friday talk.

Tonight we are having dinner with our neighbors who are expecting their first baby in June. To say I am excited is an understatement. A baby. Next door. Who I can play with and love on without having to pay for or wake up with at all hours of the night, ahhhh. 

Saturday one of my besties and I are meeting my cousin and his gang at the Taste of Addison. I have never been before, but all I know is that it is all about food...so naturally, I'm there.

Sunday I hope we have nothing planned. And if we do, I forgot to put it on my trusty calender. I guess when you forget to put something on your calender that means you're technically free that day, right? 

Maybe I can finally drag Chris to the mall to buy those tennis shoes I have been needing that he promised I could get for my MBA graduation. I could have gotten them 500 times by now, but he insists he has to be with me so he can buy them. "Awee he is so sweet..." I agree ladies, but my card swipes moo-lah out of the same account his done and given that I just remembered he has to (randomly) work on Sunday, it looks like I am headed to the mall by me lonesome, or Chris better meet me there in spirit. 

What are you plans this weekend? Thanks for all the great book suggestions! I can't wait to waste countless hours at Barnes and Noble searching though all you recommendations!

Have a perfect weekend!    


  1. Love this video! W is such a sweet boy. :) My Bailey is more like W than your Bailey! She is ready to go from the minute she wakes up!

  2. Oh I've heard great things about Taste of Addison! I didn't realize it was already here! We'll have to go next year! :)

  3. my Stella (Boston Terrier) loved the video! she wouldn't stop staring at the computer :) haha

  4. Sounds like you have a great weekend planned! Enjoy! :)

  5. Hahahaha... Talk about a morning wake up call! That boy is awake and ready to go in the morning! And tasting booze and food..sign me up! We go to something called the Edible Extravaganza here every year.