Inappropriate Shirt on National TV

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Inappropriate is an understatement. Way to go CNN, way to go!

I took this picture of the TV as Chris, my Dad, and I were watching the coverage of the Moore tornado. Sure did make us laugh in a moment of sorrow!

I have seen this freakingamazinglydelicious stuff everywhere. Blogs, Instagrams, Facebooks...I knew I needed to dip my little toe (not literally) into that Gelato pool.

One little toe-in-the-Gelato pool later and I was about 1,400 calories deep. Sorry I'm not sorry. I have had Gelato so many times, but being able to have the magic in your home is, well, magical!

I have some incredible exciting news to share with y'all when the deets are all straightened out! For now, I can just share with you this precious message my husband left me :)

Andddd by the time you read this I will (hopefully) be half-way to Gulf Shores, AL for a five days of sun, salt, sand, and a whole lotta nothing! Vacation summer 2013 is in full effect!

I managed to pack all of our stuff in this one carry-on bag. I am really learning how to be a minimalist. And to be honest, we are staying in a condo with a washer and dryer, so we can wash clothes if we need to. Also, we are going to the beach...what more do I need to pack than bathing suits, a couple sundresses, andddd ya, that's about it!
Hope you have an amazing holiday weekend! I can't wait to recap my trip when I get back!

Be safe errrbody!


  1. Have an amazing time sweet friend. I love the mirror note and that shirt....eak. Hahaha I laughed out loud. Lol keep me updated and enjoy some fun in the sun.

  2. Hope you have a great time! Also, I love that you could fit yours and Chris' things into the carry-on, you go girl!

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