WIWW: I adore this top + link party!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

This top is perfection. It is flowy, well-made, loose, and almost one of a kind. I got it from this boutique in my hometown called Vintage Cottage. I would shop there everyday if I could. So much cute stuff!

As for my jeggings skinny jeans, they are my go-to when I want something to resemble leggings, but feel I need to be slightly more formal which means I need to wear jeans. Insert these $12.99 babies. I didn't wear them for the longest time, literally for almost a year after I had them, because I wasn't too sure about skinny jeans. One thing led to another and these pair of body gloves make a weekly appearance.

Oh, and after I slipped these jeans on Chris looks at me and says, "Babe, those jeans really don't do much for your body..."

"Ummm, what would you prefer me to wear? A trash bag?"

"You could rock a trash bag! I was thinking more along the lines of a short dress to show off your legs...(with a smirk on his face)"

"We are going to Church, Christopher. I'll meet you in the car."


And the wedges. Chris always assumes when I wear these I "dressing too fancy..." I tell him he just doesn't know fashion. Basically he feels under-dressed in his go-to Asics and athletic shorts no matter where we go. Moral of the story is; when we go out, I try to look presentable and Chris attempts to look one step up from homeless. Hey, whatever works!

Random thoughts for this perfect Wednesday:

- The guy is supposed to come to fix our dishwasher today...I hope I don't have a repeat of Friday.

- I laid out on Monday. It was 85, and sunny, and bright. And my pale, pale bod got fried....within 40 minutes. If this were in reference to drinking, I would get called a lightweight. Can't hang with the tan ones. 

- Our community pool opens today, and I'll probably be there.

- I am officially done with college on May 11th. Praise The Lord.

- These next couple of months are filled with babies and weddings and graduations. I couldn't be more excited!  

Now for my party!!

- All I ask is you link back to my blog 
- Write about something fashion related
- Invite other bloggers to link up
- And go meet people!

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  1. NEVER too skinny.
    I love my tightest, jeggings that honestly resemble sausage casing.

    Love the outfit.

  2. LOVE those wedges! I have been looking for a neutral colored pair and those are perfection! The outfit is too cute!

  3. Yep, men....what do they know about fashion? LOL! I am digging this look...just like I dig you!! :) Put some sunscreen on woman!!!!! Countdown to school being over in on!!!!

  4. I can see why you love that shirt. And your hair is looking even shinier, prettier, healthier, bouncier and more perfect than usual. Hmm, so unfair!

  5. cute top! I love your wedges...need some of those.
    I did a fashion post today with Pinspired, if you want to check that out ;)

  6. That top is lovely, and looks so comfy. I can totally see why you adore it. Those light pastel-y colors look gorg on you! And the sandals are divine.

    Have fun at the pool - I'm so jealous! I would LOVE to be sitting outside by a pool right now. :)


  7. That top is so pretty! And I think the leggings do wonders for your legs ;) lol husbands!

    To link up do I need to be modeling clothes, or can it be anything related to fashion, including jewelry? :)

  8. You are too precious. This would be the perfect teacher outfit!!!!!! :)

  9. That shirt is adorable! I never see to many styles like that and I love it! Aren't guys a crack up? Aaron thinks his work hat is still ok to wear with button up shirts..ah no. But, he also isn't to fond of sequins, so what does he really know about anything??