Resolution Recap: It is seriously May? And a touchy subject.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Click here if you don't know what my new year's resolution is! It's HUGE!

For real? Where did April go? I feel like I lost a month of my life I will never get back.

Y'all, I only have four pictures of my outfits from the entire month of April. I wasn't naked, just busy. Or maybe I was nakey...just kidding!

Since I bored your with my outfits I wanted to touch on my observations lately pertaining to my resolution. 

 Being a blogger I see cute clothes I would love to own all day long. I always want a someone's blazer and someone else's wedges, and we can't forget about their purse and jewelry. 

What I also find is that maybe, just maybe I want a particular something just because the person who is wearing it is famous, or a "bigger" blogger. Maybe I really don't even consider what they're wearing my style, but because 58,461 people are commenting that it is "the most gorgeous blouse ever!" or "dying to own that!" sometimes I get sucked in to thinking that if I owned that top, people would say that to me.

I guess what I am trying to say is that, through my resolution thus far, God has really shown me to be true to myself. Yes, of course I wantwantwant a lot of things. Does that mean just because I see it on a celebrity or fashion blogger I need to go buy it? No. 

I have always been a pretty confident person and I have never let clothes define me. I could have a closet full of designer duds (I don't, by the way) and I can promise you I would wear my Nike running shorts and sleeveless sorority tanks (courtesy of my sis-in-law) all day, everyday if I could. Ask anyone who knows me and they would agree. 

I would take new tennis shoes over heels, and a massage or spa day over a new purse. And through this resolution I am realizing that that is who I am. Even though I blog about fashion, I will never wear heels on a daily basis. I will never have the trendiest clothes because, even if I could afford them, that just isn't me. I am a tomboy who loves clothes, but would really rather wear no makeup and play sports all day long. 

I don't fault or want to offend anyone who does buy clothes they see on others. That isn't what I am saying. 

I am saying that for me personally, I know when I am buying an article of clothing, or buying anything for that matter, I am buying it for me. Because I like it and it is me. I never want to buy something just because I want to be like someone because, no matter if my entire wardrobe is exact to theirs, or I could be mistaken for their twin, inside I am not them. I won't grow 10 inches, my blog won't suddenly gain 1,000 new followers, and I won't have paparazzi living outside my house just because of a few materialistic items. Trying to conform into something your not can be a tricky thing in the blog world and God has really allowed me to stay true to who I am and realized that although I would love Prada bags, perfect hair, and to be 6 ft tall, that isn't me.

If tomorrow I was given everything on my wish list I would give it back. I have thought about this for so long. If tomorrow a Range Rover, Louis Vuitton himself, keys to a 10,000sqft mansion, and an unlimited Nordstrom's gift card showed up on my front doorstep, I would give it away. Why? Because that isn't me. It just isn't me. I never want people to think I am something I am not. I can't afford a Range Rover, so don't give me one. I can't afford new Louie's all the time and don't go anywhere fancy enough to have an assortment of them. I don't like not getting full use out of my clothes, so I don't need more clothes right now. It is just Chris and I and our 2,300sqft home is more than we ever needed. 

I am blessed in so many ways, and with the constant materialistic distractions in today's world, I always pray about not getting caught up in items I think I need in order to feel more secure, or more liked. 

Thanks for letting me vent. I highly encourage anyone who feels caught up in life, or clothes, or anything for that matter, to stop what you're doing and just think. Pray and try to get back to who you are on the inside. 

This challenge has made me more humble and I feel so grateful for all I have been given. 

I can't wait to see what the rest of the year has in store, but so far, things are panning out just the way God intended them :)

PS: I am getting new tennis shoes for my graduation from graduate school. My. feet. hurt. 

Happy Thursday!



  1. Sarah, that was a really inspiring post to me. I admire what you have done, and how just not shopping has been eye opening to you. It truly is amazing how God works, and how changing one little thing can make the world of difference. Have a great day doll!

  2. great post -- thanks for your honestly amidst a sometimes superficial blogging world! xo

  3. this is such an honest, wonderful post. i unfortunately am one of those people who have gotten sucked into the materialistic world and this is helping me realize that a) it isn't me and b) these items only buy temporary happiness. i really liked the Luke 12:15 verse on your resolution post. it is so true.

  4. Sarah, i know exactly what you mean. For me, it took a baby to humble me. Once that squishy thing was in my arms, nothing... no-thing else mattered. Am I sick of renting a house? Would i love nicer things? sure. but I dont need them. suddenly i found myself blessed beyond measure with what i do have. and i am grateful for it everyday. even if i am still rocking the same old navy jeans from 2010. ;)

  5. I kinda feel like I've learned more like this about myself the past few years as well. I have a Louis as well, but only one and I bought it like 7 years ago in Maui, but had saved a year to buy that sucker. I probably don't ever need another one either. One splurge was enough on something that silly. And guess what? Now that I've had Drew and only carry a baby bag, I have probably used it like 10 times in 2 years! :)

  6. I admire your honesty. I stopped blogging on the weekends so I could see if I was wearing outfits to show them off or that was the real me. It turns out, most the time, I really do just want to wear jeans (or ankle pants) and a tee. I used to run out and buy something just because I saw it on someone else's blog (and sometimes, even if that thing didn't work for me, I'd keep it anyway and force it to work. I resent those items now.) It's a tough thing, but I think the fact that you have been able to work through the issue and come to a resolution is an awesome thing. I have a feeling many women out there are having the same struggle, but do not realize it, or do not have the strength to admit it to themselves and try to work through it. Just a hunch though.

    Kate @ A Journey in Style

  7. Sarah - I have to say of all of the blogs I read, yours has made me most mindful of my shopping habits. I don't buy something now unless I LOVE it with all my heart and it's a true reflection of who I am. I can walk in and out of Target without browsing clothes (big step). This month, I'm trying to make the most of what I have without adding more. Maybe it will carry over into next month, maybe not. But I want to get more intentional about this. Experiences matter more than things anyway. Spending time with my family and enjoying this season of my life is the most meaningful thing right now. Thank you for being a part of my new found intentionality!

  8. I LOVE this post! I used to buy, buy, buy, but I don't anymore. It's not because I can't afford to, but because I realized how MUCH I have. I feel so guilty when I go out and spend way too much on clothes or shoes when I know that I already have more than enough. There are so many who are less fortunate. I'm so thankful for all the things I've been given, but it just feels wasteful and pointless to me now to accumulate more and more.

  9. Bless your sweet heart!!! I love you more today than I ever have before. You are a true soul with a big heart!!! Keep keeping it real...I wish I could be more like you...your willpower blows my mind!!! So proud of you!!!

  10. I think I am a mix. I'll see someone wear something and want it but other times, no matter how popular something is, if I don't like it I don't and won't force myself. I hate buying clothes though. I always feel guilty like it's a waste of money that can be spent better. So GOOD for you that you expressed how you feel and hold strong :)

  11. How can so much amazingness be bottled up in a cute green shirt, fabulous necklace, and adorable leopard flats?? You're awesome girl and this post is even more awesome.