10 Things That Make Me Really Happy

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Disclaimer: When I was typing the title of this post I accidentally typed "10 Thongs That..." WOW, that could have led to a completely different post. Dodged that bullet!

1. Chris. He is truly my best friend. It is so weird when you meet that special someone and you know this is who God made for you. He is funny, actually quite hilarious, constantly makes me laugh, is my biggest fan, and can I mention smokin' hot?

2. Family. I am blessed with not only my wonderful family, but I inherited Chris's when we got married. Our families get along perfectly and the love we have for one another is incredible.

3. Wrigley and Bailey. To say I love these two pups is an understatement. Behind Chris and our family, they are my world. They brighten your day no matter what you have going on. They are the silliest and goofiest pups and our lives would be so boring without them!

4. Girl time. I have the most amazing group of friends a girl could ask for. Nothing makes me happier than all getting together and hanging out. Our topics range from one end of the spectrum to the other and I love it!

5. Vacations. Basically any vacation makes me happy. From the beach to the snow to NYC, I am a happy happy girl the moment to car pulls out of the garage and you can officially declare that you are on vacation.

6. Ice cream. Over cookies and cake, ice cream always makes me happy. Really happy. Maybe I'll go eat some right now...

7. Giving people gifts. I adore the look on people's faces when I give them a gift. It makes my heart happy knowing I made someone else happy!

8. Any spa treatment. Pedicures, manicures, massages, you name it, it makes me ecstatic!

9. Sitting out on a patio on a perfect day. Something about letting the breeze run through your hair, while sipping a fun drink, while sitting on a patio creates happiness. In Plano there is an area called The Shops at Legacy and every restaurant has a patio. It is my summer go-to when I need some outdoor eating.

10. God and all he has blessed me with. Seeing God and the things he has done for my family and I makes me giddy. Knowing I can pray to him at any time, and that he will listen, is the happiest feeling in the world. 

What makes you happy?!

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  1. Reading posts like this make me happy! I love your list.

  2. I am cracking up at those snuggies! What a fun fam.

  3. I love the legacy! I love going at Christmas time at night when all the trees lining the road are lit up and they have live Christmas music playing outside, so amazing!


  4. This list is perfection.
    I am dido-ing it.

  5. I love a good manicure too! Maybe I shall go get one...

  6. I love how so many bloggers are doing this challenge! I haven't been so good doing every day, but I do what I can :) I love you list! And you have such cute pics to go along with them! :) And I would more than willing to be someone you could do #7 for ;) Happy Wednesday Sarah!!


  7. snuggies, family, hubbies, vacation, spa, I am with ya, for sure happy great things!