How do they do it?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Just popping in today to say that I have yet to pre-plan and write my posts in advance. So, because of my lack of planning combined with the school year starting back, I've got nothing for you today. How do you teacher bloggers do it??

Now tonight is a different story. I will have a yummy Avocado Chicken Salad recipe paired with the most delicious chips ever!

See you tonight!



  1. I usually plan my posts when I do my best to catch up with my DVR. You'll get it, don't worry and before you know it, your posts will be all about school :)

  2. Avacado Chicken Salad sounds really good. So do those chips, okay the whole thing looks good, I'm hungry.

  3. I can't wait!!! Sounds amazing and something I will most likely need to make :)

  4. Ha, I don't have time! That's why I never blog anymore and just read. Kinda sad but my sleep is way more important than this blog!!

  5. Same! I was out since I was traveling for the last couple days, but now that I'm back I'm too tired to have ideas for a post! eek!