I bought a shirt...ooops.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Let me explain.

Last year Chris and I decided it would be a good idea for us to get a new credit card. We wanted one that we could see the benefits and wasn't a "college" credit card. 

As I was checking out at Banana Republic one chill November afternoon (it's story time, okay?) the cashier asked me if I would like to sign up for a Banana Republic credit card. Usually I am a stickler for saying no, no, no, but this time I let her explain. 

Did I mention the sales person is a friend of a friend who I highly trust?

So, after she told me all the benefits, I signed up. No annual fee, on the lower end of the interest rate scale, and awesome rewards.

Let me tell y'all what a great decision that was! Chris and I both love shopping at BR, so the rewards are perfect. We put everything we spend on the card, pay it off every month, then get rewarded with 'free money' at BR, Gap, Old Navy, and a couple other stores. 

Let me say I am in no way getting paid for this post, I am just setting up the scene for how I bought a brand new shirt without breaking my resolution of no shopping for a year. 

You see, we had $40 in rewards money to spend and Chris repeatedly said he didn't need anything, so of course I couldn't let the money expire!

I wandered into BR last week while at the mall with my brother and his friends and knew I had to find something under $40 or I could NOT buy it.  

I have really been eyeing those Gingham shirts, but that little resolution of mine is holding me back. Well not anymore, ladies! The most perfect Gingham shirt was IS on sale for $39.99. 

I know you're thinking, "but with tax that is over $40..." BUT WAIT, that's not all I have to say. For some really odd reason/blessing, the size small Gingham shirts were marked down to $32.99. SCORE!

So basically I just wrote a whole pointless post on an awesome shirt that I have yet to wear because it is still scorching hot here in good 'ole Tejas.

But actually I just wanted to let y'all know that the shirt is still on sale for $39.99! Marked down from $64.50! BR has the top in pink, lavender, and blue. 

I can't wait to pair it with a statement necklace, skinnies, and my favorite boots for fall. Now, if only Texas would leave the heat advisories in the dust and squeeze on into fall...wishful thinking. 




  1. Cute shirt! Although, yes, it is way scorching hot in Tejas at the moment so don't wear that with skinnies anytime soon! Although, isn't a GIANT cold front supposed to come in this weekend? I hear it will be under 100 degrees! Maybe you can pair this shirt with some shorts for indoor activities? Nice find!

  2. Love my BR card! That shirt is adorable! Love the great find!

  3. I have the BR card and LOVE it. I seriously put everything on it and get rewards all the time!!!

  4. Nope. Didn't break any rule. Not your money you used..so its aaaalll good..plus, I adore that gingham top! I have a black one..no I need more colors haha

  5. Ahh it is so cute! I wonder if Michael would go for the whole Banana republic credit card thing. It's worth a shot because I love them. YAY for not spending your money and it being meant to be! You are a better woman than me.

  6. I love that shirt! I have a smaller gingham print but am not crazy about it...but I love the bigger gingham pattern on this one- too cute! (And I totally wouldn't say that counted as shopping- just using your free rewards! Speaking of- that card sounds like it might be worth it..hmmm!)