A Male's Perspective on the Bachelorette + Hilarious Video!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Last night I had the pleasure of watching the finale of the Bachelorette with my family. I told them I could go in a different room to watch it, but they insisted that, since it was my last night in town, they spend 'quality' time with me. 

After dying laughing at numerous comments from my Dad and brother, Sam, I decided to start documenting the ridiculousness spewing from their mouths.

- My Dad's comment when Des sent Drew home: "You struck out, bud."

- My Mom asked what Des does for a living and my Dad responded: "Bein' on here, bein' a hooker."

- Dad: "They're just kissin' all the time!"

- Brother: "Sarah, Shark Week...new episode is on."

- Dad's comment about Chris: "It would have to be bad knowing you're the second choice..."

- When Des and Chris were on their date together my Dad said: "Are they in bed together??!"

- Dad: "She doesn't love him!" Sam: She's just a gold digger!"

- My Dad talking to Sam: "Oh no! She's gonna cry some more? She cries a lot, Sam. Startin' to make me want to cry." Then he fakes wiping a tear from his eye.

- Still on the conversation of Des crying a lot, my Dad says: "Startin' to make me feel like when I saw that shark eat that seal..." Such sarcasm, and another fake tear wipe.

- Dad: "Are they (Chris and Des) from the same city?" Me: "No." Dad: "That kinda makes it difficult."
- Chris just told Des he loved her and my brother said: "Of course she knows it! You say it every 30 seconds!"

- Sam's prediction on the proposal: "She is going to say no. Well, she might say yes, then in a month say no."

- When Des said Chris deserves to hear the truth my Dad said: "I don't think it's going to change. I vote no."

- Dad: "I didn't like the bald face guy (Drew). This guy at least has facial hair...more 'manly man'."

- As Chris was walking onto the platform for the final rose, Des was talking very quietly. I currently have a terrible cold and my voice is completely gone. My Dad says: "She's got Sarah's disease!" Thanks, Dad!

- As Chris begins to talk to Des at the final rose ceremony, my Mom chimes in with: "Watch Brook (ha!) come running up the hill yelling, "youuuu whooooo...."

- Moments after my Mom's "youuuu whooo" comment Sam blurts out: "This show got me so much my nose started bleeding!!" I look over and Sam is pinching his bleeding nose. Hil-lar-eee-usss!! So hilarious, I got it on video! My Dad was crying he was laughing so hard!
(Pardon my family!) 

- Dad: "Was that a yes?" (Talking about the proposal)  Mom: "Heck if I know; he just broke her back!" Because Chris squeezed her so tightly.

- Sam's reaction to me telling them there was a whole hour more for the 'After the Final Rose': "There's a whole hour more? I'm going to play my video game. This sucks."

- My Dad's reaction to seeing Brooks on the ATFR: "Oh! He's a doofus! Looks like Lyle Lovett!"
How was your Monday night? Did you watch the finale?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Lyle Lovett!! Hahaha. Thats awesome!! I watch every episode (even though I hated Des)...but I am SUPER pumped about next season....JUAN PABLO!!!!!!!! OMG!!!

  2. HAHAHAHA!!! The commentary is hilarious!

  3. hahaha omg your Dad is flipping hilarious. this is awesome.

  4. I love it when hubby watches it with me because his remarks are just like the above :)

  5. Hilarious!!! I need to watch this reality show...starring your family. #classic

  6. Hahaha-- this sounds like my husband! He too called Des a "hooker" for dating multiple guys. Lol men... :)