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Sunday, August 25, 2013

One thing you should know about me is that I have to wash my face before I go to sleep. I cannot think of one time in my life that I slept with make-up on. Not prom, not my wedding night, not any night I can think of.

It grosses me out thinking about all the yucky stuff collected on my face throughout the day, then sleeping with that all over my face. Yuck.

I have switched from product to product throughout my face-washing days, until I tried Philosophy products. This post is in no way sponsored by them (or anyone for that matter), I just wanted to answer some questions about what face products I use.

My skin is neither dry or oily. I haven't ever had major skin issues other than the occasional annoying pimple. I can't speak for those who have a different skin type than me, but I am 100% hooked on this Purity face wash, and most Philosophy products. 

It is so refreshing and cleans like no other face wash I have used before. And the smell is divine. No burning sensation, or chemical smells. Just pure freshness!

I used to wash my face every morning and every night, but I read in a magazine that, unless your skin is extremely oily, you only need to wash at night, otherwise you may be drying it out. I tried that method and the results are much better. My face is not as dry. In the morning I just give my face a couple splashes of cold water (partly to wake me up, and partly to wash the excess oil off) and I apply my makeup. 

At night I wash my face with the Purity face wash and then apply Neutrogina's Light Night Cream. During the winter my face is more dry, so I also apply Hope in a Jar as needed. That stuff is the It goes on SO light and a tiny bit goes a longgg way. It is by far my most favorite moisturizer ever. It is a bit pricey, but it goes a long way. It also works on all skin types. 

If you want to try the Philosophy line I suggest ordering the kit. It is a great deal and I promise you will be hooked!!

Do you use Philosophy products? If not, what do you use??


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  1. I use the whole Mary Kay skin care line. I was using the Miracle Set but I fell in love with the Repair Set. If you have any questions email me.