One year ago today my world was rocked.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

You can read my toughest post to date {here}.

At this moment, 5:18pm on August 6th, 2013, I am sitting on my bed sobbing. I am overwhelmed with emotion as it just hit me that my Meme has been gone for a year. 

One year ago today she left this earth and it rocked me like nothing I had ever experienced. She was my Meme, my favorite person in the entire world.

I had never experienced loss until her death. I was so blessed to live 22 years with all four of my grandparents. I am honored to get to wear around her wedding ring everyday of my life. It is my most adored possession and I think of her every time I look at it...which is everyday :) 

I won't drag this out, because I should be celebrating her life, but I just felt like documenting these emotions. 

I love and miss you everyday, Meme.

Love, Sarah 

Her and my Granddad dancing at my wedding. The won the "longest love dance" competition for being married 64 years.


  1. That pictures of them dancing is absolutely precious. I love that you had such a good relationship with your grandparents! I never got to meet my grandfather's, and I've always wondered what it would be like to meet them, because apparently I'm exactly like my mom's dad!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  2. I know how tough it is. I had all 4 until 2 years ago. I lost the last one in April. I was devestated and had never felt that type of pain.

  3. Appreciate the years she had, the years she was able to share with you, and the years she'll continue to guide you in the future.

  4. A very beautiful tribute. It is obvious that she was a very special and a very loved woman. I will say a silent prayer and celebrate her life tonight before bed...

    Thinking of you.


  5. Sarah that is SO special you get to wear her ring, how beautiful and such a thoughtful reminder each day! Remember all of the beautiful times you had together and the long life that she got to lead.

  6. If I lived close enough, I would be there crying with you. Crying it out is sometimes the best, most needed thing we can do for ourselves. What an amazing story, amazing woman, and amazing you. Loss is so difficult and rocks us all a little differently but how amazing you have a piece of her every day, on you sweet little finger. Sending special south Texas hugs your way. Love love love.

  7. I'm sorry. Crying is the best thing to do though. It makes me feel better and they are really tears of joy! All of the good memories you have of her and with her are so overwhelming. I say to myself frequently that I can't believe how old I am and then think about who I am today. With out my Mamaw & Papaw, I wouldn't be. Think about the happy times!!! Prayers for you sweet friend!!

  8. I can totally relate to this today. Today is my Meme's birthday and it surprises me how I can still miss her just as much as the day she passed away. She was my last grandparent and she passed away one week before I got engaged. It's still so hard but as time goes on the joy replaces the sorrow... for the most part :) You are very blessed to have had your grandparents for so long!

  9. Oh, girl!!! I know that feeling of loss. It was a year since I lost my Grandpa this past Saturday. Hold onto the sweet, beautiful memories. :) Your reuniting with her in Heaven is going to be GLORIOUS. :) HUGS!

  10. Awwww friend... Such a special little post for your Meme...just take comfort in knowing she lives on through you each day and she is SO proud of the great woman you continue to become :) *Hugs* Love you my friend.