Movies, dates, and becoming hairless.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

This weekend was pure joy.

Chris took off Friday so we could run some 'adult' errands that we have been needing to tackle. We started off the day in Southlake meeting with a financial advisor. We don't have much money, but for what we have, we want to make sure we are planning correctly for our future. If you are ever in Texas and want a lovely shopping experience, go to Southlake. Just google it and you will see how perfect it is. 

I will admit it was slightly torturous being around so many of my favorite stores and not being able to shop, but it wasn't anything that a bag full of fall scented Yankee candles couldn't fix. To say I am ready for the cooler weather would be an accurate statement. 

After loading up on candles, Chris and I headed to lunch at Brio, a Tuscan restaurant. It was delicious and since I ate on the "lighter" side, I treated myself to gelato after!

Friday afternoon we had people come out to reseal our shower. We had a minor leaking issue and needed to get it taken care of while we were able to be home.

Friday night we hit up Redbox. I chose Parental Guidance and Chris went with the all manly Olympus Has Fallen. Anyone who knows me knows I HATE any movie other than a chick flick. Not because of the love story, or whatever, but because I genuinely HATE seeing people get hurt. You will never, ever, catch me watch UFC, or any fighting or killing movie or show. I do not like seeing people in pain, so you can bet I lasted 10 minutes watching Chris's movie before I made my way into another room to watch the more light-hearted movie. Plus, any movie that is too fake, I just can't handle. Like Olympus Has Fallen...those guys with guns and knives on them would have never even made it into the White House in real life. Fake, fake, fake. At least the chick-flicks don't have weird fake robots, or special effects, so the story-line could happen.  

Saturday we woke up bright and early for a very special appointment. What appointment you ask? Laser hair removal. This is the part where my Mom said, "Now, are you going to blog about that?" and my answers was, "Duh, because it was flipping hilarious!!"

You see, a couple months back I bought a Groupon for Chris and I to get laser hair removal. My cousin has gone to this place in Dallas for a while now and loves it. When the Groupon came up, we thought we would give it a try. Chris has very sensitive skin under his neck, so when he shaves for work he always breaks out, so that is part of the reason he never shaves! For me, what girl wouldn't want to get rid of her underarm hair? That's what I thought.

So into the appointment we go not knowing what to expect. Chris goes first and I can clearly see he is in PAIN. His neck is already extremely sensitive and I hated watching him hurt. At the same time I was thinking, "If my tough husband is in this much pain, there is no hope for me." 

Before I knew it it was my turn. Holy crapola. Ouuuccchhhhh. Maybe I am a wuss, but that laser isn't playing around. My Groupon was for two small areas. I chose underarms and bikini line. Once again, what chick wouldn't like to get that taken care of. (Boys, if you haven't noticed, this part of the post may not be for you!). Let me back up and say that this salon allows Groupon pricing to anyone who has a Groupon. I mentioned I would someday love to get my legs done, but didn't think that someday would be Saturday.
Our laser lady left the room for a moment after Chris was done and while she was gone Chris suggested I go ahead and get my legs done. I thought about it and then decided why not?

Now back to after my pits had just been lit on fire, it was time for my legs. Our laser lady said she would start at my ankle and work up to my bikini line. I was pleasantly surprised that the legs were a breeze. It hurt directly on my shin bone, but other than that I felt like I was finally catching a break.

Then, dun dun dun, came the "chu chu" area - as our technician lady called it. There is no need to go into detail, but let's just say it probably sounded like someone was giving birth in our room. Chris has a cool towel on my head as I was sweating and listening to the lady say I will not regret this decision. Hard concept to grasp when there is a laser 5x hotter than the sun zapping your bikini line, aka "chu chu"!!

After taking the first step to becoming hairless, we headed to Chris's parents. His Mom and I went shopping for decorations for my classroom. It was beyond fun! I can't wait to reveal what I have done!

Saturday night we continued our date-weekend and went to see We're The Millers. Hilarious! We also tried out a new restaurant that turned out to be a hit!

Sunday was spent doing the normal things. Cleaning, prepping for the new school year, grocery shopping, Insanity, and relaxation. 

This weekend was just what Chris and I needed. It was full of quality time, laughter, and fun. Even though we have only been married a little over a year, it is important for us to continue improving our relationship and this weekend was one for the books!
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  1. I have heard pros and cons about laser treatments - I have a friend who loved it up and down, swore it never hurt and loves the outcome. Then I have people who hated it with a passion and couldn't go back to finalize the results (I hear it takes more than one application) so I guess it didn't work for them. I would love to never shave again so maybe one day...

  2. Ha! We actually watched Olympus on Sat night and I loved it! I thought it was very good and not too over the top. :) And I've only got my pits waxed before and it was torture. I can't imagine laser surgery for it!!

  3. I don't know how you went to Southlake & didn't buy anything. You've been doing such an awesome job though! Funny story about the laser hair removal! I've always wanted to try it but, have been too chicken! At least I know you survived it! :)

  4. I am crying laughing at your description of the laser hair removal. YIKES! We also saw We are the Millers on Saturday night! Two thumbs up! Excited to see how your classroom turns out!

  5. You are a brave soul!! I hurt just thinking about that!!

    Can't wait to see your classroom!!

  6. Is that Anthro?? Ughhh a girl after my own heart!

  7. I've always wanted to get laser hair removal! Thanks for sharing your experience!


  8. My husband and I have been thinking of going to a financial advisor...helpful? Worth the cost?

  9. I'm jealous, I want laser hair removal!!! :)

  10. Laughing so hard at your laser hair story! I want so bad to get it done too. Where did you go? Can't wait to see your classroom!!!

  11. Hey Sarah :)
    I found your blog randomly and I really like it! I'm excited for upcoming posts!

    xo, Julia (the golden things)

  12. My husband has the same issue with his neck as yours. He's been wanting to get it removed as well, but we have heard differing results. I would love to hear how it's going a couple months from now.

  13. Your laser hair story is HILARIOUS!! Do you have to go back for multiple sessions to completely remove the hair or are you officially hairless?! I would LOVE to do that but I'd definitely need to find a Groupon!

  14. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Chu Chu area! So hilarous...I would probably be the same way...I heard We Are The Millers is sooo funny, but I am making Aaron take me to see Mortal Instruments first this weekend (my favy book series eva).

  15. Ouch!!! That experience sounded painful, and you have totally changed my mind about getting that done. On another note, we tried Three Squares this past weekend, I liked it, but the kiddos unfortunately did not...they are picky. Hope you are enjoying your last week before school starts.

  16. Okay, so I'm you have to go back for more treatments? Does it hurt like getting a bikini wax??

  17. Becoming hairless, LOL! I love your candidness :) I'm such a weenie and believe 100% that it hurt like hell! You'll have to post an update as far as how long it lasts!

  18. It would've indeed been hilarious hadn't it been too painful for you. And what happened to Chris' neck? Since you said that he has very sensitive skin on his neck area, I worry that the sensitivity acted and caused him a lot of pain. Well I clearly hope not. People decide to get rid of their body hair more for hygiene than appearance. But hey, it shouldn't be that painful. I say go for painless! But yeah, how is it now for the both of you?
    Edward @ Las Vegas Laser & Lipo