WIWW: That Mint Dress, Random Talk + Link Up!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

This mint dress is perfect. The color, the detail, the fit - perfect, perfect, perfect!
My Mom bought this dress for me a couple weeks back when I went home for my brother's graduation. We found it at a little market days that was set up at our courthouse square. I am excited to pair it with tights, boots, and a cardigan for fall. 
At our friend's wedding last weekend.
Random Talk:
- Tonight, my mind is blank. I have nothing funny to write, no cool stories, and frankly, if I didn't host this link up, I would have skipped today's post.
- Since I passed my test last week I have been decorating my friend's nursery. Baby fever. And remember how I said our neighbors have a newborn? Who is so adorable? Baby fever. Oh, and Chris's best friend called and told us him and his wife are expecting. (That kinda gave Chris) Baby Fever. It is in the water people!
- I woke up to a nice surprise of the cleaning ladies coming today. I was really dreading tackling this monster of a dirty house, but my sweet husband scheduled them to come...and forgot to tell me. Nothing better than the smell of a freshly cleaned house. I went and decorated my friend's nursery while they cleaned...I feel weird being home when they are cleaning because I feel like I want to help.
- I had a really great random thought, but it slipped my mind.
- Tomorrow I complete the final stage in my hiring process to become a teacher! I am still in such shock as to how blessed I am things are working out how they are. You know, I can tell when the Devil is really trying to bring me down...(and now my mind decides to kick in with a short story)...
I have been on such high since passing my test. Well actually since getting offered a teaching job and getting laid off. I won't go into detail, but the firm I used to work for is so ethically corrupt and such a negative place. Yesterday I had slight (indirect) contact with them. Just being associated with them really got under my skin. I don't stand for anything they believe in and I thank God everyday I was taken out of that unhealthy environment. I know this is the Devil trying to bring me down. After a couple episodes of House Hunters I was back to my normal self, but it is so eye opening how blessed I am to be where I am at and am truly following my dreams.
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Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I just found you through Because Shanna said so. I LOVE your dress and the bun, perfect! Good luck on the teaching position.

    1. Wow! I love this dress.


  2. what a gorgeous mint dress! I love how you styled it with the bun/earrings/heels.
    have a great day!! xoxo

  3. Ooooh! Can't wait to see you make this into a fall outfit!! I'm really bad at "one season only" clothes!! Show me your ways!! :)

  4. Sarah - that dress is perfect, definitely your color! So happy for you to be out of that toxic environment and moving on to what you are meant to be doing. My cleaning ladies are coming in an hour, I will be leaving too. I feel like a lazy butt when they're here. :)

  5. Ohh that mint dress is to die for, I love the bun with it too girl! Don't let the old workplace get under your skin even though it is so hard, keep being so thankful that you are out of that place for good!! Hopefully I'll make it down to Texas again soon and I can actually meet you!! xoxo

  6. Your hair looks phenom both up and down!! Any secrets to share?

  7. This dress is amazing! I love the cutouts and the color! You look so beautiful!


  8. Your hair is fabulous up and down like Jordon said! How do you do your bun??

    xo, Jessica

  9. Love my gorgy friend!!! And yes, like Jax said... teach me your seasonal outfit ways. This is one of my favorite dresses on you. :) And Aaron and I have been contemplating hiring a house cleaner... how often do yours come and clean?

  10. That dress is so fun and pretty for a Summer wedding! Love the color, it's so bright and happy :)

  11. Very cute dress! Cleaning ladies would be a very welcome surprise to wake up to!

  12. I LOVE that dress! And we totally need to e-mail because I have CRAZY baby fever right now. It's really crazy! I'm so thankful you got out of that situation. I can relate. :) And about the devil trying to screw you up - I'm with you there, too. Trust me, with our situation, I have him trying to get me tons.

    p.s. I hope my "favorite new shirt" is good enough for the fashion post!

  13. You, this dress, your hair, these photos....absolutely gorg!! And AMEN for being taken out of that Debbie of a Downer place! You are well on your way to bigger and brighter things! I am so happy for you and can't wait to finally hug your neck in a few weeks!!

  14. I love that pretty mint dress! It looks so cute on you! I am so glad that things are working out for you, work-wise. Working in a negative environment just brings you down - even if you like what you do. It's just not worth it. And I definitely understand how a little bit of House Hunters can cheer anyone up :)

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