WIWW: Mint Jeans + Link Up!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lace top: Forever 21 // Tank: Nordstrom // Jeans: from Brianne, from Target // Wedges: TJ Maxx // Sunnies: Ray Bans // Watch: Fossil // All other jewelry was a gift

You know when one of your best blog friends sends you awesome mint jeans because she had an extra pair? Oh, that didn't happen to you? I'm so sorry!

Mrs. Bracco sent me these mint jeans and I adore them. Perfect fit, perfect length, perfect everything. Now if Texas would cool off a bit I could wear them more often. 

Today's Randoms:

- I cried when I found out I passed my teaching test. Teaching is what I have wanted to do for so long and it was overwhelming knowing my dream is coming true.

- I am getting a massage today and it makes me happy just thinking about it.

- I am helping my friend decorate her nursery and it is giving me baby fever. 

- I have been to the gym twice this week...for a total of three times I have actually worked out this summer. Progress people, progress.

- Chris keeps talking about this new Chevrolet High Country truck that is coming out next year. We are officially taking donations. 

- All I ask is you link back to my blog 
- Write about something fashion related (accessories, shoes, modeling, make-up, etc.)
- Invite other bloggers to link up via social media!
- And go meet people! Please!

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PS: Read this post. 


  1. I love this outfit. and yeah...Mrs. Bracco is pretty fantabulous;)

  2. Wow, that's awesome! I love your mint jeans too- so subtle, but still super fun! CONGRATS ON PASSING YOUR TEST! That's a huge achievement, so props to you for studying like crazy.

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  3. Okay - seriously? You're the cutest! How DARLING is it that one of your blog friends sent those pants to you?

    I'm so happy you PASSED! You deserve this lady and should be so crazy proud of yourself!


  4. you look adorable ! we are patiently waiting for that bun tutorial! im so jealous you can rock those raybans- i have a child sized head and can't wear them! :(

  5. I'm loving the shades of blue and that top on you girl! xo


  6. Those pants look GREAT on you my friend! I am so glad you like them and I am soooo loving the purple paired with the mint :) Enjoy your massage..you deserve it!

  7. You passed the TEST!!!!! Yahoooooooo! I knew you would!! Way to go! Enjoy your massage and those cute mint jeans!! Can't wait for you to teach me the top knot/bun thing!! :)

  8. You are the cutest! And ROCKING that top knot!

  9. Wow how lucky is that! She had an extra pair and happened to wear the same size? Lucky you! :) Love that crochet top! I need to pull out my mint jeans this summer.

  10. Congratulations on passing your teaching test! That is so awesome!

    Those are such cute pants - so nice of your blogging buddy to send them to you!

  11. Hi there! Congratulations on passing your teaching test! That must have been so much work that was totally worth it in the end :) I'm new to the link up and loving it so far! Thanks so much for hosting!