WIWW: Red, White, and Blue + Link Up!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I can't believe tomorrow is the 4th of July? Seriously, half a year down - hopefully like 110-120 more half years to go. Fingers crossed.

A 4th of July in Texas is no fun unless you're in a pool, so to be honest, I won't wear either of these festive outfits, but it was fun seeing what I would wear if it were not 150 degrees. 

I threw in the chambray top and linen pants for those of you complaining about your "hot summer days topping off at 80." Ha! I fear that it may get cool at night where you live, so maybe being naked in as little clothes as possible isn't a requirement for you lucky people. As for us Texans melting away, the shorts option (below) could be a better choice. Just make sure your bikini is hiding under that little thang because you'd be a fool to not swim on the 4th. Kiddie pool, sprinkler, water hose...whatever it takes, Texans are in the water on the 4th.  

Of course Pinterest doesn't help my resolution of no shopping for a year, so I tried to not browse too long for an inspiration pic. I found this one and, if I could shop, I might buy that shirt just for this one holiday. Sleeveless - check. Patriotic - check. Cute tie thing in the front - check! But, since shopping is a no-go for me this year, I was happy to grab the Pinterest inspiration and run with it...straight to my own closet.  

As far as holiday plans go, I plan to eat, swim, eat, eat, swim, and eat more. Oh, and watch other people's fireworks while eating on my back porch. That's a must.

What are your plans?? 

And now for some Wednesday randoms:

- I have this weird thing where I can't set my wedding rings on a counter with a sink because I have this inkling they might get knocked in the sink and go down the drain. And then I might die. So, I always put them on this little island thing in our bathroom that holds our towels. Weird, I know.

- Have ya'll used those new ribbon hair-ties? One of my besties sent me some and I am hooked! I have really think hair and a normal rubber-band never worked if I wanted to put my hair in a bun. But these ribbon things, amazing!

- If I pass my test I am rewarding myself with a massage. If I don't pass, I am relieving the sadness with a massage. 

- It still makes me giddy to think that I am going to be a teacher and never have to be an accountant again! The timing and the way things worked out still amazes me daily. Read about my new adventure here.

- I downed a giant cone of Baskin Robin's Jamoca ice cream the other day and have been craving it everyday since. I swear I am not pregnant, but the pickles in the fridge and constant need for ice cream indicate otherwise. But, again, I swear I am not pregnant. (Sorry, Lauren, you are not going to be an aunt just yet :)) 

PS: Thanks for all the prayers for my test! Keeping my fingers crossed until I get the results!

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  1. I love the linen pants! I have a white pair but can never figure out what to wear them with!

  2. I looove those white pants! You are rockin that top bun girl, happy 4th tomorrow!

  3. Super cute 4th of July looks. I'm praying for you to pass your test! I love how you have the massage set up for either circumstance. :)

  4. You are SO adorable! Loving both outfits! And that bun = Awesomeness!! I expect a tutorial! :)

    Good luck today!!

  5. Love your bun! & that you are rewarding yourself for when you PASS the test!! You are probably taking it nwo and I am sending good, happy, positive thoughts your way! Assuming you are taking it on the computer, you will be stress free in 2-3 days!! Woohoo!

  6. Haha I crave pickles ALL the time!! So weird. (and I'm def not prego either!)
    These are all such cute ideas! I'm still trying to figure out my outfit for the 4th :) I love your hair up and that little striped clutch is darling!

  7. Can't wait until you can teach me this top knot thing!! :) Been thinking about you and your upcoming test!! You will rock it!! Happy 4th!! Stay cool and have fun! xoxo

  8. I love your red, white & blue! I decided to be festive today and wore a blue seersucker skirt with a red top! I feel the same way about my rings and I love the hair ties - it's the only way I can work out in the middle of the day and get back to my desk creaseless! :) Happy 4th!

  9. Great holiday outfits and you are rocking the bun! Really cute and comfy! And I'm obsessed with bubble necklaces!
    saw you on i feel pretty.

  10. You just rockin that 'do guuurl! (which is NOT a sock bun..hahahaha!) And today..you are also rockin that test!!! Love those white pants! And we are totally red bubble necklace twinsies ;)

  11. You look seriously darling in your top knot. SO jealous over here.
    Sheaffer :)