Thursday, July 11, 2013

10 things that annoy me.

1. Littering. If we are in the car together, and you throw trash out the window, I will make you stop the car and go pick it up. Ask Chris, it happened. It is gross, and how lazy can people be? Just put your trash in the trash can!

2. The sound of people biting their nails. My Dad and Chris are the kings of this and it just about makes me barf every time. Gross. And then the bite sound is always followed by the 'spitting-of-the-nail' sound. Double gross.

3. When girls talk about how fat they are and they wear a size four and weigh 130 pounds. Could you cry out for attention any louder? 

4. One uppers. Self-explanatory. 

5. Slow drivers in the fast lane. Moveeeeeee. I don't care if you are saving me from a ticket. It is a free country and I have the right to risk getting a ticket. Now move or I am going to give you a death stare as I whizz past you. Chris always says, "Get 'em, babe. Grrrrr...." as I glare at them just cruising along 10 miles under the speed limit in the infinity-speed lane. 

6. When people touch my face or poke my belly button (usually only Chris does that specifically to annoy me). My Mom and I have this weird thing where we cannot touch our belly buttons. It makes me queezy. As for my face being touched...I don't know where your hands have been so you will not be touching my face. Thank you.

7. Screaming. I have never been much of a screamer. Maybe because it makes me cringe hearing people (girls) scream at anything. I am more of an "Ah!" or "Oh, $*&%" on accident, but usually not a screamer. 

8. Globs of toothpaste in the sink. 

9. Flies and mosquitoes. It isn't necessary to explain these little annoying things.

10. Texas weather. Annoying. It is either scorching hot or freezing cold. Just plain annoying.


  1. Some of my good friends are the ultimate one-uppers and I've called them out more than a few times. I understand a similar story here and there, but if it's after EVERYTHING I say, that means you weren't even listening to MY story! Did you ever see the SNL with Kristen Wiig doing the one-upping? One of my faves!!!

  2. Littering is probably one of my biggest pet-peeves as well. I've actually gone up to people that I have seen throw something on the ground and then showed them the trash can 10 feet away they could have put it in - needless to say my husband was mortified! And I always say that if I were a police officer I would pull everyone over that flicks their cigarette out the window and give them a huge littering fine, uhg it drives me nuts when I see that!!

  3. Trash is gross... and slow drivers...I'm a California girl...Watch out slow pokes! hahaha.. P.S - I promise to never touch your face or poke your belly button ;)

  4. I would love to pull over and have the ppl riding with me get out and get their trash. They'd probably think I'm the crazy one!

  5. hahahahah you and Tony would be besties about littering. I certainly don't do it..but he actually has one of those long pole things that have grippers on the end and actually goes through the neighborhood picking trash up if he see it. hahaha

  6. Littering is really annoying. Another one that annoys me and can be attributed to laziness is not returning your shopping cart to where it belongs!

  7. I'm with you on 3, 5, 6, 8, and 9.

    I'd like to add people who smack, leaving the visor down in the car when you don't need it and open or slightly open cabinets and drawers!

  8. Ha, you are too funny!! I have to agree with you on many on your list, although I'm pretty sure I'm guilty of doing a couple of them too ;)

  9. The skinny girls calling themselves fat thing - KILLS ME I HATE IT. I HATE IT. My go to line is "maybe you should work out then to feel better about yourself." I don't say that to be mean, I say that to be encouraging. If they're really having body issues then CHANGE YOUR BODY. Don't search for attention because you ain't gonna get it from me!

  10. The driving! Ugh that drives me insane!

  11. Do you seriously have an infinity speed lane??? That's awesome!!! Alabama doesn't have that, just a carpool lane

  12. Oh my gosh. YES to all of these! Especially the touching part and the weight complaining. Can't we all have our own personal space and like ourselves? The end. I love your blog, you're just so adorable.


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