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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My brother, Sam, and his friends Skylar, TJ, and Colton
I went with my brother and his friends to the Rangers game on Monday. I have been to more Rangers games than I can count, but I can honestly say this was the most exciting one I have ever been to. 

Usually when Chris and I go to Rangers games we sit in his Dad's company's seats which are right behind the dugout. Don't get me wrong, those seats are leee-git, but being in home run alley is so much more exciting!

First off, I was mad at the boys for not bringing their gloves. Colton, on of my brother's friends really wanted to bring his glove, but the other guys said, "Dude, that's for kids..." Basically they all thought they were man enough to catch the ball with their bare hands. 

Well, karma is a you-know-what because they missed three home run balls (one during batting practice, and two during the game) because they didn't have their gloves. The home run hit to tie the game in the 9th inning HIT MY BROTHER IN THE HANDS! If he would have had his glove he would have caught it. 

To say it was an exciting game is an understatement. (And I have probably lost all the non-baseball fans at this point...) 

The video below is of the first home run ball hit during the game that my brother's friend Skylar went to catch...and the ESPN reporters made fun of him!


ESPN reporter #1: "That guy really misjudged that ball..."
ESPN reporter #2: "That's why he is in the stands and not on the field!"

The bottom arrow is point to me. I was blocking the guy to my right from running me over. I was not letting him catch any balls hit in that area! The other three arrows are of my brother's friends. The one on the far right is Sklar...the guy in the video...mid-jump. I am still giggling about that.

And look at me go attempting to catch the game tie-ing home run! If only I would have brought my glove...shame on me. 

If you ever go to a Rangers game, or any baseball game for that matter, I highly recommend sitting in home run alley. It is so fun wrestling for the home run balls...and bring your glove!

Happy Thursday!


  1. That's awesome!! They were SO close!! We went to the game the night after and sat in the all you can eat area, have you ever done that?! It's like a dream up there!!

  2. How fun!!! I love baseball! We are going to the Tigers game in Detroit on Sunday, but we are sitting behind home plate, so no home run balls for me to catch!