If I Won The Lottery

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I would probably pee my pants. After I cleaned that up I would probably start crying and tell Chris that I can finally get my Range Rover. He would probably laugh and say okay, as long as he gets his dream truck.

Aside from ridiculously priced cars, I would make sure everyone in my family was financially set. From retirements to college to paying off any loans...I would make sure finances were no longer a stress on anyone. 

After everyone was clear of any debt I would start to invest. I want my millions to make millions so I don't have to work, so being smart with my money would be key. 

Chris and I would buy land, lots and lots of land, build our dream home (all I really care about is a pool), and probably build two other homes for our parents on the land so we can all be one big happy family. I would make sure Chris got his four-wheelers and "man-toys." 

We would definitely buy a house in the mountains. Skiing is our favorite thing to do, so that is a must. And one in NYC, because that is a dream of mine. 

I would take the family on trips...wherever we wanted to go. 

Oh, and I would start poppin' out some kiddos! And probably adopt some as well. Adopt real kids and more puppies, too! 

I would also get unlimited massages and probably hire a chef. Although I love to cook, sometimes I want to spend that time with my husband instead of in the kitchen. I would rather someone else do it. 

Chris claims he would keep working...until he sees me jetting away on mini-vacays all the time...then he would probably change his mind. 

And even if I don't win the lottery, which I assume I never will, it is always nice to dream. Although I am blessed with a great house, a car that gets me where I need to go, and a wonderful husband and family, it sure would be fun to never have to worry about money!

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  1. Buying an Range Rover is on my lottery list too! :)

  2. loooove this! i would quit my job asap.

  3. Can you imagine?? I always have fun with that, thinking about what I would do :) I'd be doing a lot of what you wanted to do too!


  4. I would also pay off my families debt and travel a lot. I"m also digging the chef.
    Great idea for post!

  5. It is nice to dream. During the last big lotto Michael and I said so many of the same things!!! If you win, don't forget to remember the little people aka me!!!!!!!!!

  6. A range rover is in my dreams too!

    let's hope we win this now...

  7. I agree with the unlimited massages- I always say if I get really rich I will hire a live-in masseuse!

  8. I would hire a chef too, I love cooking, but it would be nice for it to just be on the table, and then have someone clean up the mess too, that would be good too.