WIWW: Black & White Beauty + Link Up!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I have been MIA this week, and for good reason! My little brother and his friends are in town. Blogging has taken a back seat to playing host for four 18 year old boys who know how to make a house look like the victim of a tornado in no time. Not to mention the smell. Boys stink. Period. 

So far their trip here in Dallas has included making it on ESPN twice at the Rangers game for embarrassingly missing two home-run balls. More on that, along with pictures, later this week.  

Not to mention our weekend being jam-packed. I will do a weekend recap (because you care, right?) later, but for now I am going to allow you to swoon over this dress I wore to a wedding Friday night.

I know I say each of my dresses are perfect, but this one is seriously perfect. It holds a tight spot right next to this beauty. Black and white perfection.

Being a super-tall 5'3" (total sarcasm) I really enjoy dresses that make me feel 'model' tall. This dress makes me feel that way. I felt very model-esque when the button popped off the back right after the ceremony and we had to tuck the back of the dress in my bra. A real model would have done the same. It actually worked out for the better when it came time to bust a move on the dance floor. More upper-body flailing room, if you know what I mean.

By the way, my Mom bought me this dress, along with the mint one and this one, a couple months back. If you don't remember, we got the dresses at a booth at market days, so, sadly, I have no idea where it is from.  


- I PROMISE I have not forgot to do a blogiversary vlog. I have all your wonderful questions typed and ready to go...now I just have to find an hour I am not looking like death to video it. Between helping my friend paint her nursery to playing host for people, I will find time!

- This weekend I am headed to Austin to the TX Style Council's Summer School where I will finally get to meet the sweet Shanna in person! To say I am excited is an understatement!!

- I bought two new Yankee Candles for fall. It made my day.

- Last night I had a dream where Chris told me he wasn't really in love with me and I woke up crying in my sleep. I blame it on the Bachelorette...because right before I went to sleep I watched Brooks crush Des's heart. Stupid Brooks.

Now for the link up!!

- All I ask is you link back to my blog!!  
(some people have been forgetting this lately and, to be honest, it is really disrespectful. 7 out of 21 bloggers linked back to me last week. I will be deleting your post if you don't respect my one and only rule. Thanks!)
- Write about something fashion related (accessories, shoes, modeling, make-up, etc.)

Optional: Use #TuckerUp on IG for me to view your outfits! I would love to feature other bloggers for WIWW, so show me those outfits and you might be the chosen one :)  

Todays featured WIWW blogger is Taylor from Pink Heels Pink Truck!

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Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Okay, seriously?! That dress was MADE for you! You are soooo pretty, friend!

  2. Love that dress. And I'm semi-jealy of your height. I'm a jolly green giant at 5'10" and those dresses are never long enough for me! :)

  3. LOVE the turquoise earrings with this pretty dress. Have fun at Texas Style Council! Yankee candles make me insanely happy too. :)

  4. This dress IS perfect! I love the shape, the design, the length...everything! It does make you look very tall! And the turquoise accessories were the perfect touch :)

  5. Great dress, accessories, and bun.
    Loving it :)

  6. That dress is gorgeous. I love the way long dresses make me feel too!

  7. And now I need....well really WANT those earrings. Thanks alot!

  8. Four 18-year-old boys? I can't even...

    But this is a *great* dress and you look great in it. :)

  9. I really love this dress! It is so cute on you :)

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  10. Ok, I would have never in a million years guessed you were only 5'3"! This dress seriously does make you look a good 5'10"! Gotta love that! :)

    And yes, boys do stink. But it sounds like a party!

  11. What 5.3? That maxi dress makes you look like a super model. seriously its so hard for me to find perfect fitting maxis with my height and I am 5.6. The fit is just perfect and love that pattern :-)


  12. Such a gorgeous dress and you're absolutely correct-boys do stink, no matter how you slice it! LOL I'm visiting from The Pleated Poppy's link up and this will be my first time linking with you. I love meeting new blogger friends. Thanks for hosting!


  13. You look so pretty Sarah!! I am excited for your vlog!! Those are always so fun to watch :) And so sad about your dream, glad it was only a dream! I hate having weird dreams like that! And I didn't realize your height, I always thought you were taller like me! ;) Excited to link up with you!!!