What I Wore Wednesday - Weekend Shopping

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Read: This post was intended to be a normal WIWW post...that was until...well until I decided to write for 20 minutes and realized there was no turning back. Gotta mix it up every now and then!

I started my shopping weekend Friday after work. I ran out at 4:00 - and never looked back - and went straight to Franny's, or as most people know it, Francesca's. I had my Pinterest app in toe and was focused on buying items I had pinned.

When going through my closet last week I realized I am lacking in the long sleeve shirt department. That is probably due to my abilities to produce heat like a fire-cracker on the Fourth of July. Chris and I are that couple who don't turn the heater on unless it gets below 30 degrees, and we would rather go to the snow than the beach. Because of that, I ususally wear short sleeve shirts and just throw a cardi on over it. I am only in my 20's, but I swear I get hot flashes.

My shopping mission was to find long sleeved blouses and jeans. Yes I have lots of pants, but I noticed they are similar to the colors of a rainbow and I am in need of some "normal" jeans. Luckily a friend of a friend sent me the friends and family coupon from Banana Republic, so I got five full priced items for 50% off. Score!

Do you ever get in those moods where you have your game face on, credit cards hot and ready, and you are ready to shop until you drop? Friday was that kind of day evening.

After scoring big at Franny's, I decided that I should head to Forever 21 in search of "essential" items that I had pinned numerous times on Pinterest (i.e. I have pinned the same blue jean shirt four times...I think it was time I bought one!). Follow me on Pinterest (https://pinterest.com/sarahtuckerup/) and you will see my repeated pins and love affair with food. That was your warning, I love food.

After scouring the racks of F21 (can I shorten it like that?) I got in the fitting room line with my clothes. After waiting approximately .0078 minutes I decided to hope for the best and head home without trying on any of the clothes. I should know my body, right?

When I got home I tried on my flannel button down, blue jean shirt, light blue flowy blouse, and the other items I had picked up from Francesca's. Friday was a long-sleeve-shirt buying day...Saturday was the day to buy for the lower half.

Here are some of the cute tops that came home with me. Chris, they were all free. I spent no money :)

Pleated Blouse from Forever 21

Jean Shirt from Forever 21

Cross Sweater from Forever 21

Similar to what I bought: Plaid Top from Forever 21
La Dee Dots Top
Polka Dot Top from Francesca's

 I can't find the other top I got from Francesca's. It is cream colored and flowy with gold beads down the front. Totally GORG!

Also at Francesca's I hit the shoe jackpot because they were having a 40% off fall shoe sale. It was like the shoe fairies were with me because they had one pair of grey boots left in my size!!! They have this adorbs colored zipper on the back. I was in heaven when they got discounted to $40.

Side note: I just realized this post is taking for-ev-er and I now have no chance of writing my normal WIWW post, so I am going on with my shopping tanget.

Pushing forward now with Saturday's shopping finds. I will say that I needed jeans and having the Banana coupon came at the perfect time.

Ya see...here in Texas we don't wear jeans for the majority of the months out of the year. We usually have summer year around with a few weeks of fall. Then randomly we have an artic freeze, and everything is shut down...as in you don't leave your house...so jeans are not needed, only sweatpants. With that being said, your my body tends to change from year to year. Being that all my jeans are from high school, seriously, I decided it was time to upgrade.

Good for me the jeans still fit! Bad thing was that junior sized jeans are not made for woman with, as Chris calls them, "child-bearing hips." So yes, I could still get my eight year old jeans on, and yes they fit super funny. It was time I bit the bullet and bought myself some new jeans.

Banana came up clutch with five new fab pairs of pants. Blame my lazinees on why I just linked the pants I bought instead of providing you with lovely pictures.

THESE black skinny jeans are THE MOST COMFORTABLE jeans ever. I put them on and was in awe of how much they felt like leggings, yet the were jeans. Does that mean I just confessed to loving jeggings? Hey, I'll rock the jeggings all day long if they are as comfortable as these!

THESE dark wash skinnies need to get hemmed. Height was not something my family was given.

THESE trousers are so comfortable. I already have a pair of trousers, but I have to wear heels due to my reasoning in the previous paragraph. I bought these, and am getting them hemmed, in order to be able to wear flats with them.

THESE pants are the most comfy "business" pants ever. Go try them on and you will see. They are secretly stretchy and when you sit at a desk all day (blah!), stretch is necessary! I also got a pair in this color.

So there ya have it. My annoyingly long post about almost everything I bought this weekend. I did pick up a couple pieces of cheap jewelry from Forever 21 and some leggings from Franny's, but you get the gist.

Some people may wonder: why so much shopping? I will give you a hint...it has to do with my New Year's resolution....but you will have to wait until closer to New Year's to find out! Eeekkk! I am SO excited! Can you believe less than 50 days until 2013...un-be-lieve-able.

Let's just get through Wednesday! Happy Humpday!


  1. Okay....so I've never bought anything from F21. I need to change that. Like yesterday.

  2. I love so much about this post, I have similiar boots except w/a bright blue zipper. I adore the blue and red top. and my husband would love if I was "that" girl who never got hot...I'm not, instead I am the girl who is normally in pictures w/a jacket & scarf on while I'll my friends are wearing tank tops. haha

  3. I've been on the (online) search for a good chambray. I think I need to make a purchase for post babies! You are going to look like a doll in All your new clothes!! Love everything!

  4. ^^ took me not once.. Twice.. But THREE times against the Stupid Robot. You're not the only one:)

  5. I love F21 but there isn't any stores around me currently and I find the fit is hit or miss! Do you ever find that? I love their jewelry though, can't go wrong with that! :) Love those boots too!!

    1. The fit is totally hit or miss! One shirt I get a large and the next an extra small. I like the extra smalls ;) I think that is because it is so cheaply made... Their jewelry is the bomb dot com though :))

      Have a great weekend!