Deals & Steals Hop: A Little Linky Par-tay

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Who in the the world doesn't love a fantabulous (fa-tab-you-lus) deal?!? If you don't like a bargain, you aren't human. Seriously. Harsh? Then maybe you should start enjoying the wonderful experience that comes alnong with a good deal. Hmph!

For all of you who like to save those dolla-dolla bills y'all, I have compiled a list - or shall we call it a grouping? - of some of the best deals and steals for the holiday season. Sing it with me now, "Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah-hallelujah, halle-lu-jahhhh." You're welcome.

Now let's get down to bid-ness.

Target. The love of my life. Behind Chris of course. I wrote here about a dress I got for $7. No, that was not a typo, $7. I will (almost) never pay full price for something at Target because I know it will go on sale for dirt cheap. Here are a few of my favorite things from their website at the moment.

Xhilaration® Juniors Cold Shoulder Easy Waist Dress - Assorted Colors
This dress would be perfect with a skinny brown belt, some leggings, and riding boots. Btw...this hottie is only $6.98. Uh-huh, now you know why I get giddy at the sight of a good deal.
Don't shy away from dresses now that winter, or in Texas, Sumter (some days it feels like summer, some days it feels like winter), is upon us. Leggings, cardigans, and boots can turn a summer outfit into a winter-wonderland of an outfit!!
Xhilaration® Juniors Sleeveless Shirt Dress - Assorted Colors
Ummm hello? Black leggings, black boots, and a killer statement necklace?!? Come to momma! This dress is a whopping - drum roll please - $6.98. Yes please.
Once again, make this outfit winterfied. Some people think you can only wear pants during the winter. Clearly I don't always like to wear pants...

Kirna Zabete for Target® Long-sleeve Shirt Dress in Gray Leopard Kiss Print
This sassy little thing rings in at a mere $19.98. You could wear this with flats during the day and change to heels for date night, ladies! Go, go now and buy it!
You could easily change out the belt on this dress, add a few pops of color and BAM you will look like a million a Target dress! Winning.

Click here and go see all the fabulous things Target has on sale right now. Some of these shirts and dresses would be a perfect stocking stuffer, or gifts for your girlfriends, or daughters. Since I know Chris would never order me clothes online, I'll go ahead and ease the pain for him and just do it myself. You're welcome, Honey, you're welcome.

Let me clarify something. Target items are considered steals. I mean dresses for under $10, that is a steal if I have ever heard of a steal. The following items are more in the deal category.

Moving on now to another gift from Heaven, Francesca's. I have been spotted wearing items from this glory-of-a-place here, herehere, and here. I would point out more links where I have worn a Franny's find, but you might think I have an obsession. It truly is a wonderland. 

Here are a few deals from the mother ship.  

Lucky Day Bag
How perfect would this bright bag be to bring life to a dreary winter day?
Carry this green-thang with you while wearing neutrals and it will be sure to "spice up your life. people of the world, spice up your life!" Enough with the Spice Girls, we've got deals to talk about!

I have this blouse. I wore it here. Y'all loved it just as much as I do. Thanks for all the great comments about it! With that being said, I know it will be a piece I will wear for years to come. Therefore, it is considered a deal, a bargain if you will. Can I getta Amen?
I have worn this shirt once with black skinnies and riding boots. I die. Mmmm, it was perfect. What was also perfect about that occasion was that I was having lunch with Sheaffer. It was quite a glorious day. 

One last deal and steal I want to mention is located at Ross and TJ Maxx. When you let me loose in there I am focused like it's the last pitch of the world series, except I actually win (c'mon Rangers! can we get a World Series title already?!?). Not to dis my Rangers, but I usually hit a home run when it comes to finding a steal in these places.

Remember these jeans? This skirt? How about this dress? And this leopard shirt I wore to conceal my turkey filled belly on Thanksgiving? Yah, you got it, they are all pieces I snagged for a steal at either Ross or TJ Maxx. A party in the car may have happened after I purchased those items. You will never know.

To wrap up this little deals and steals post I thought I would throw something in for the men. Can't just think about me, me, me alllll the time ;) Let's keep our thoughts focused; Sears it is. The go-to for all females looking to please that male in their life.
This little doo-dad to my left here can make magic happen. It did in our bedroom ;) It is on sale now for just under $12. Go get it and make all your DIY dreams come true.

By the way, this is a great way to get your man involved in your DIY activities. Just tell him you are about to use a hammer, or any other tool for that matter, and he will come running and asking what you need done. Believe me, it works. Men dread the thought of their walls (among other things) being ruined by a "female" using power tools. I will say, I have surprised Chris with my handy skills. I have also embarrassed myself greatly. Ya win some, ya lose some.

Go here and check out all the great deals Sears is having on their tools! Remember, you may be buying for him, but you are the real winner :) Oh wait, it isn't all about me...oops!

So there ya have it. Some of my favorite deals and steals for this holiday season.

Although I love clothes, shoes, and accessories - maybe I have an addiction - I try to always remember the reason for the season. I constantly remind myself of all of the things I do have and pull back the reigns on the greedy train. I have a great husband, family, home, and puppies. Shoes and clothes will come and go, but I scored the deal of a lifetime with what I have already been given. I am truly blessed.

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Happy Thursday!

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  1. Loving these dresses! They are great transition pieces for "sumter" in Texas (love that, never heard it before!). Thanks for linking up your deals today!


  2. Love how you are winterizing these dresses! I'm with ya - my whole blog is basically my Target 70% off finds! (oh what ever happened to the beloved 75% off??) Target is my total hobby!!! Glad to have found your blog via the DASH!

  3. Thanks for the heads up! and YES soo true about 'sumter' ha ha. Good thing we are in the blog world because everyone is going to have these target dresses now!

  4. wow amazing!! new follower :)

  5. I wish we had sumter up north! The gray leopard kiss print dress is cute--I need a good long-sleeved dress. I like how you said you've already scored the deal of a lifetime ;)

  6. Aghhh i love that greeeen bagggg!


  7. We have sumter in LA too! Those are really good deals. cant beat Target for cute things and finding things on sale!

  8. Love a great deal! Especially from Target!

  9. Totally in love with that green bag. GREAT color and an AWESOME shape. Thanks for linking up today!!!!!