Thursday, November 15, 2012

What the heck is an EKBY?? It is the name of our shelf from IKEA, duh! Remember when I posted about this nifty little project earlier this week? And I told you I'd get back to you on the shelf? Well now I am getting back to you :) Better late than never!

After a failed attempt at making our "floating" shelves float, Chris and I decided we needed a shelf with brackets. Pretty brackets. Well Chris didn't say the brackets had to be pretty, but I did.

The problem with pretty brackets is that they usually have an ugly price. But not at IKEA. Oh if I could live in IKEA I would. I mean what more does a person need? They have ev-ver-ree-thing! I could just snuggle up in one of the bedrooms they have in the showroom, pick a livingroom to hangout in, whip up some brecky (aka: breakfast) in one of their gorg kitchens...oh wait...they have a restaurant that serves delicious food. So nix the need for the kitchen. I could totally survive living there. Focus Sarah, focus...

Back to bracket talk. When I spotted the 7.5" EKBY brackets for $10 a pair, I was sold. You then buy the wood shelf for $2.99 and wa-lah...a complete shelf for just around $13. I bought the shelf in the nautral grain because I was cheap wanted to paint it, but it also comes stained.

We painted the shelf ugly white. Not my fave. I wanted it to match the chalkboard window, but it is just not doing it for me. I was just anxious to get it up. Boo for being anxious. I am probably going to take it down and repaint the shelf, or stain it. Do you have any ideas? I am at a roadblock with this one. For now, it hangs as is. I actually do think it looks good with the dark brackets. It really compliments the chalkboard window, but when you get close it just looks...not that great (bad description, but...ya get the point).

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  1. It looks great Sarah! I like it white! I love IKEA, always such great deals!