Sassybomb Staged Bridal Shoot

Monday, November 5, 2012

On Sunday night I did another bridal shoot to help a photographer couple, Sassybomb Photography, build their portfolio! Any excuse to wear my wedding dress again is fine by me!

My friend Jessica went along with me and she gets to use her pictures as her real bridal portraits for her upcoming wedding...sooo I can't show off how beautiful she is just yet! Check out the amazing photography by these sassy photographers!  

I did both mine and Jessica's hair and makeup and, might I say, I am pretty impressed with myself! I literally did my hair in less than two, you ask? Attempt to do a sock bun, fail at doing the sock bun, so wrap the hair that fell out of the sock bun around the sock to cover it, and ta-da! Audrey Hepburn was the inspiration, except I don't think she used a sock!

Brad and Rikki DeWees are the sweetest couple. If you are a future bride needing a photographer, they are amazing :)

Oh, and here is our not-so-bad-looking hair photographer...excuse his attire.

Have you got to re-wear you wedding dress again?! I was thinking about selling mine, but it seems to be coming in handy lately!


  1. Love your dress! You are gorgeous!!

  2. These photos are beautiful!! Great blog!
    New follower :)

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