Jogger Egg Nogger 15K

Friday, November 30, 2012

Cool and intriguing name, right? That is how they suck you into this race. "Oh, you get an unlimited amount of Egg Nogg after the race!" Why yes, sir, Egg Nogg is all I ever dreamed of after running 9.3 miles. Ummm, not! Barf. By the way, the picture above is for giggles only. No, I will maybe only once never be caught running in a Santa Speedo.

I have told y'all before how I used to play softball in college, which equates to working out. a lot. Fast forward a couple years, and a marriage later and BAM, see ya gym! Wouldn't wanna be ya!

Yup, basically about a month before I married my Prince Charming I kicked the can on the whole working out thaang. I was too busy buying a house, planning a wedding, attending graduate school, and working 65+ hours a week as a tax accountant. Add all that up together and there was no room for the gym.

"I ain't as good as I once was...", as Toby Keith once sang, is my anthem right now. Back in tha day (as in college years) I would spend hourssss at the gym playing racquetball, ping pong, doing aerobics, and chit chatting. Hey, you can't forget about the face muscles! My roommates and I all played sports so we lived in the gym. It was our comfort zone, our happy place. I guess we were gym rats...hahah totally kidding! These days sitting at my desk for 8+ hours a day is an unwelcome change of pace from my past active lifestyle. Add a husband that eats pizza everyday and never gains a pound to the mix, and you get a body that just feels blah.

Blah. Let's break that down. I am not complaining of how I physically look. Is any woman ever completely happy with their body? No, but you must love and embrace what God gave you. I will never be a double zippo. Never ever. So that is not what my goal is. My goal is to just feel better. When someone goes from working out daily, to not working out in months...blah.

This brings me to the Jogger Egg Nogger. Lucky for me I have to coolest sister-in-law ever and she convinced me to run this 15K race with her...IN THREE WEEKS! That is 9.3 MILES PEOPLE! What kind of sister-in-law is she?!? A great one :)

We got to talking and we both just feel blah. Physically and mentally. We just need some activity in our lives. We decided that in reality, we can't run 9.3 miles without stopping after training for only three weeks. After talking it over, we decided we would do it no matter how much we ran or walked! Since I am not planning on running a marathon anytime soon, it just matters that I finish!

Saturday was the day we decided on this, meaning Sunday was one last day to gorge myself on leftovers from Thanksgiving and Monday started "training" day 1.

That leads me to Monday morning. I set my alarm in order to get up and go workout. I snoozed that baby for an hour! Pa-thet-ic! Omg I am embarrassed for even saying that! Ha! I laid in bed and tried to talk myself out of working out. I am my own worst enemy when it comes to going to the gym. At 7:00 AM I decided enough was enough and I was going to the gym to run two miles. No ifs ands or buts about it.

Oh. my. goodness. Why is it that on a treadmill you see the time ticking, but it seems in slow motion? I mean I swear my snooze timer is on some lightning fast timer. One second I hit snooze and beep beep beep, five seconds later it goes off again telling me my ten minutes has already passed! Liar! The treadmill timer is the complete opposite. O..n..e, t...w...o, t..h..r..e..e, and so on. Sooooo slowwww.

Here is the treadmill after my workout. Yes, I ran/power walked two miles in 23:06 minutes. Woo hoo! I didn't even die/pass out/cry-and-make-Chris-come-get-me! Maybe I felt it later when I went to work and had to walk up stairs, or maybe I felt like I was in my prime, but no one has to know that I took the stairs and cringed on every step.

Tuesday was training day 2. I was honestly just proud that I made it to the gym!! The plan was to run two miles again...but my legs felt like jell-o. I ran one mile and was perfectly happy with that. Baby steps Sarah, baby steps. (Baby steps: sign up for a 9.3 mile race after not running for months!)

Wednesday was a busy day at work, starting with an early morning tax training session. I dedicated Wednesdays as my off day. Wednesdays and Saturdays Fridays.

Thursday was exactly like Monday. Literally. I walked/jogged two miles in 23 minutes...whao-buddy...shaved six seconds off that baby!

If anyone wants to run the Dallas Jogger Egg Nogger 15K, it is $40 until December 4th and then goes up to $45. They also have a 5K for the smarter people who would rather not run 9.3 miles.

Does anyone have any advice on training for a 15K in 3 weeks?? I need some secrets, magic, and a whole lotta pixie dust to train for this race!


  1. Ohh girl I ran a half marathon and before then only ran 6 miles lol. I'd just say to take it slow. I have a post on my blog about how to run a half marathon (which probably would help you since it's close to that).. but apparently my blog is down right now. lame.
    But work your way up. Don't run every single day (4x a week is plenty) cross train the other days. STRECH. Drink a tonn of water. Write down what you're going to run every day before you do it so you're holding yourself accountable. And know that you can do it!

    1. You're the best for giving me all these tips! Can you come to Texas and train me ;)

  2. Go you!! You can do it! Just keep getting on that treadmill and I swear it will get easier! Make sure you have some good jams to keep you going! Water and protein will help a lot too!

  3. I COMPLETELY understand the blah feeling you are talking about, especially if you have always been an active person. That was me a few years ago when I finally decided to start the Couch to 5K and get moving again. I still go in lulls, but running is the ONLY thing I seem to stick to. It has totally changed my life. I think it is SO impressive that you are just going to jump right back in and do a 15K. That is the best way to do it!! And 9 miles is no joke. I am really looking forward to following along with you the next few weeks!! Good luck and thank you SO MUCH for stopping by my blog and linking up!!! Hope to see you next week!!