What I Wore Wednesday - $5 Booties, and Some Trousers

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I might be the queen of bargains. I mean who else finds $5 booties that are actually cute??! Anyone?

When I stumbled upon these grey thaanngs last year I was hesitant, but I knew I'd eventually want some. Now that everyone has them I am happy that I have some too...and only paid five bucks for them!

I was at Target and, of course, had to make my way through the clothes and shoe section even though my goal was totally to grocery shop. You can't tell me you can go into Target and leave without ever even glancing at the clothes...

Lucky for me, this trip to Target ended with these cute shoes and these coral pants.

On this particular day my photographer was being stubborn and didn't feel like standing up to take my picture. Hey I'll take what I can get. Look at his boots...they clearly show he works hard :)

Sorry to the lady we totally caught in the picture...
I love this shirt. LOVE it. Wanna know why?

1. Because it is adorable.
2. Because I never have to suck in my tum tum - cheeseburger, here I come!
3. Because it is from the Vintage Cottage in Blanco, my very favorite boutique where I have got this shirt and this shirt. I love it because I never have to worry about seeing other people in the clothes I am wearing.   
4. And lastly because it covers my boo-tay so I can pair it with leggings and the riding boots Santa is going to bring me :)

I also love my trouser jeans from Banana Republic. I bought them last year and have loved them ever since. They make my 5'2" body look talllll. Woo hoo!

Here is the budget breakdown for this easy outfit:
- Trouser Jeans from Banana: $89.50
- Blouse from Vintage Cottage: $34
- Shoes from Target: $5!!
- Grand Total: $128.50

Hopefully soon I will be posting about my adorbs jackets I have for winter...that is if Texas ever gets a winter. At this point I'll take a cold fall!

Do you have any cute booties? Were they five bucks? ;)

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  1. SO jealous of the boots...and I LOVE the jeans...AND the top. Well done friend!