Unconditional Puppy Love

Thursday, July 26, 2012

With the stress that comes along with life (in general), it is nice to know that no matter what, these little goobers will always love you!
Every morning when I get ready for work Wrigley and Bailey lay in the bedroom and take their 3rd, 4th, I don’t know maybe 5th nap of the morning. Life as a Tucker pup is brutal. This is how Wrigley naps. All. The. Time.

Chris got Bailey before him and I started dating. Long story short, she was being given away in a Wal-Mart parking lot. She is a Daddy’s girl deluxe!

Wrigley came into our lives approximately three weeks after Chris and I started dating. Yes, we had only been “officially” dating for three weeks and we decided to get a dog together…on Friday, August 13th. You’d think that getting a dog with your new boyfriend on Friday the 13th would be a curse, but it looks like it is working out great so far!
We had been talking about how Bailey needed a friend to play with, but I didn’t think we were serious about it. Chris worked at the university’s gym and met a guy who fostered puppies. Chris convinced me to go see “Sam the boxer” at a PetSmart training class with him that Friday.
Off we went to PetSmart where Sam was being trained all the basic rules a dog should follow. Let’s just say Sam wasn’t catching on. As his foster parent walked him down the aisles of PetSmart, Sam was biting at and chewing on everything he could get his paws on! All Chris and I could think was all the things he would chew on if we brought him home. We politely thanked the guy and let him know we would be in touch if we were interested. That wasn’t going to happen!
Since we were already out and about for the day we decided to go to the East Texas Humane Society. Oh. My. Goodness. Warning: if you go, you will leave with a dog!
Right when you walk up all these dogs, in their divided up pens, start barking at you! You literally want to take every one of them home.

We told the people there that we were definitely only looking. That was until I spotted Wrigley, or Rambo as he was previously named. My heart melted. He was SUPER shaky and afraid of us. Apparently he had be beaten and left on the side of the road with his brother and sister (who were also cute, but they liked our friend better than us and we thought that wouldn’t be good if we were the owners!). Wrigley wouldn’t even come outside of the barn into the pen area because he was so scared.

When we requested to see him the dog keeper had to go inside the barn to get him. We got to bring him to the “visiting” area where he was not playful and very scared, but oh so adorable!
He literally stole my heart, and Chris’s. There was no way I was leaving there without him. After discussing how he was so calm and didn’t look as though he would chew everything in sight (like Sam!), Chris and I were signing papers to take Rambo…Wrigley…home with us!

When we introduced Bailey to Wrigley and she wanted nothing, nothing!, to do with him. He would try to touch her and she would move away. Then he would scoot closer and she would scoot away. Eventually they developed an unbreakable bond. They are two peas in a pod.
We love those little stinkers with all our heart!


  1. Argh! What sort of breed is Wrigley? His colourings are identical to my gorgeous Kelpie, Max.

    1. We adopted him from the Humane Society, so we don't know for sure. They told us Chocolate Lab and Doberman...and that's basically what he looks like!

  2. Ah, no way! Our dog's name is Wrigley, too! Great name choice ;)