A Family Stone

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Growing up every little girl dream about her wedding day. I was no different. As the years went on my "dream" wedding changed daily. Some days I wanted to look like a princess, some days I wanted to have a small wedding, and sometimes I craved an over-the-top wedding, but one thing never changed: the ring I wanted.

My Granddad, me, and my Meme

Peggy. Meme. Meems. My Grandmother. The most wonderful woman I know. From her stories growing up to her delicious cooking, she has my heart. She also had the ring of my dreams. From the time I even knew the significance of a wedding ring I had my eyes set on hers and only hers. The vintage sparkler cast in a platinum setting was more than just ice. It was meaning. It was knowing that I could only pray to have as wonderful of a marriage as my grandparents (who have been married for 64 years!). 

Growing up I would always ask her if I could try it on. What Meme refuses the requests of their beloved grandchild?! I would "ooooooh and ahhh" over the ring, always play with it on her finger, and she would always assure me that it was dirty and she needed to get it cleaned. I knew that babble was to be mine some day.

Photo taken by The Red Dirt Studio

As my Meme has aged she has fallen to the ailment of Dementia and therefore she has not worn her ring in sometime. Seeing how Chris was saving his pennies in a jar appropriately labeled "Sarah's Ring Fund," I knew in my heart that he was the one I was going to be with. After letting him sweat it out for a couple of months and listen to me talk about the multi-thousand-dollar rings that I longed for (ya right!)...I broke the news to him that I already had my dream ring and that he would not have to spend a dime. It wasn't about how much the ring cost or how big it was going to be, it was about me loving and adoring my Meme and being honored to wear the ring that my Granddad put on her finger years ago. I think that is music to any man's ears! 

In all honesty it is a kinda-sorta awkward situation when you have to ask for a ring from your Aunt (who was safely keeping hold of the ring) before you are even one-hundred-billion percent sure that the man you are with is going to propose. I mean I knew Chris would propose, but what if something had happened? Or what if he lost the ring!? All those crazy thoughts had run through my mind. I wanted one proposal in my life and I wanted it with one ring and one ring only. 

After emailing with my Aunt and letting her know our desire to obtain the ring from her, she eagerly responded with her blessings and at the next family gathering, we were honored to be given the ring. Chris appropriately had some kind words with my Granddad and thanked him for giving us such an honorable memento. On-the-other-hand, my Meme...who in all honesty has been pretty dingy since her brain tumor about ten years ago (got to love her and her random comments!) was on que that day. As Chris and I suddenly mentioned the ring to her she responded with a stern, "You're taking my ring, right?" Wow! We thought she didn't catch on to anything these days, but apparently she is just playing with us! When Meme wants to remember something, she will! Chris and I responded with something along the lines of how we were taking the ring that day and how we were honored that it was given to us.

That next weekend Chris and I eagerly went and got the ring sized. This was in March of 2011. Woo hoo! Now that the ring was sized a proposal would be coming any minute, right? I mean there was so much to look forward to. I was graduating college that May, we were going on a cruise that June, Chris and I celebrated an anniversary that July, then you roll into the holiday season...it was bound to happen on one of those occasions. Nope! Let's just say I would never recommend the girlfriend knowing that you have a ring burning a hole in whatever place it is secretly hidden! I remember always dressing extra nice for every occasion, ensuring that I would be prepared if it were to happen that day.

The band on the bottom is the one Chris got made. The top two rings were my Meme's.

We had decided to get a custom made duplication of my Meme's wedding band so that Chris and I would have a symbol of our marriage and the bond and commitment that we were making. Since Chris had already been saving money for an engagement ring, he was okay with shelling out some dough for a little extra bling. Chris secretly got the band made right behind my back! I thought I kept track of that ring and who had it and when they had it like it was my job. Obviously I would stink at that job! After Chris proposed in December we got back to his parents house and there it was: the custom made band. Little stinker. I was so impressed that he did it without me knowing, but he managed to pull it off. On a side note...Chris got the new wedding band engraved with "bear" because that is what he calls me. He also had them engrave the date we started officially dating. Only problem was the year is engraved wrong! Chris won't admit who messed up, him or the jeweler, but oh well!! It was an adorable gesture.

Do you have a family stone? Are you inheriting a family stone? They are so precious.


  1. This is a heart warming story and a wonderful way to start your blog and life together. Congratulations !! I found your blog from Cup of Jo.

    I am a retired Navy Captain. My wife Lynn and I have been married 32 years. Next week our daughter Bond and her husband Aaron will have our first granddaughter.

    1. Thank you, Mike! I am thoroughly enjoying writing this blog and honored to have you as my first comment! Cup Of Jo is one of my FAVORITE blogs. Looking to her as my “blogging idol."

      I can’t wait to witness all my marriage has to offer!

      Congrats on 32 years of wonderful marriage and the new granddaughter!

      Thanks, again, for the comment and check back in for more heartwarming and exciting (I think they’re exciting!) stories!