Monday, July 30, 2012

This past weekend was tough. I traveled to Austin visit my Meme and Granddad. Meme is not doing so well and all prayers are very much appreciated.

She suffers from Aspiration. Aspiration - in non-doctor terms - is when she swallows her food it is not going down the right pipe. It is going into her lungs instead of her stomach. To add to the complication, Meme doesn't even want to eat, no one is feeding her, and she is not being put on a feeding tube.

My brother, Sam and Meme and Grand
When we went to see her she looked beautiful. Hair done, colorful clothes on, and her always perfect, dewy skin (I hope I got the perfect skin gene!). She was a feisty ole' lady. She was coherent at times, but most of the time she just laid back in her chair with her eyes shut. Almost every question you ask her she responded with, "No, ugh-uh!" Until you mentioned Emory, her beloved husband of over 64 years. She knows that he loves her very much and that she loves him. She would reply with a stern, "Yes!" when asked if one of her family members loved her or if she loved them.

All the cousins with our Meme and Grand
We tried to get her to eat, but were unsuccessful. Instead of worrying that she hadn't eaten in three days, we just wanted to enjoy the precious moments we were able to spend with her. At 84, if she doesn't want to eat then that is her right. She has lived a long and blessed life and I am honored to be called her Granddaughter.

Granddad was doing okay. He had his moments of weakness, but having all the family around brought him joy.

The whole, happy family!
My Dad and I got choked up when he came into the "Memory Care" area and Meme lit up. She knows who her man is! They were adorable together. He was loving on her and it brought tears to my eyes to think how in love they are after all these years. Meme got jealous when she saw a picture of her and Granddad together because she thought that was another woman with her man! She said, "No! I want Emory all to myself!" That makes my heart melt!

There were some light-hearted when my brother was talking to her. Picture the scene...My almost 18 year old brother standing by her side as she slouch in a chair, eyes shut, and no reaction to anything you are saying. Sam, my brother, was telling her how he was about to start his senior season of football and how he would be turning 18 in October, to which Meme sat up and shouted, "You're stupid!!" Although deep down we all know that it breaks our hearts to see her like that, in reality, it lightened the mood! We know she means well. Having her, and many other elderly people in the area, make us laugh all day was necessary to keep from balling your eyes out.

Old picture of my brother and I visiting Meme and Grand.
Who knows when God will take another angel up to be with him, but for now, I know that I have been blessed with many wonderful memories with a woman who means so much to me, Meme.

You can see Meme and Granddad dancing to their first dance song at my wedding here or here. I am beyond thankful they were able to make the trip to Dallas to celebrate my special day with me.

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