Proposal: The beginning of becoming a Tucker.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It was just a normal Saturday. Chris and I were set to do a little Christmas shopping and attend his friend's graduation at UT Dallas. The day was completely normal...we shopped, took a nap, watched TV, I conveniently painted my nails (obviously unaware of what would happen later), and then we eventually headed to the graduation. We attended the graduation and as we were pulling out of the parking lot, our car died! Right there in the middle of the road the fuel pump decided to go out. I, of course, am thinking how much of a bummer it is that we would have to miss the graduation party for his friend. Chris, little to my knowledge, is thinking, "WHYYY did my car just have to die on the way to propose to my girlfriend?!?!" He veryyy calmly called his parents and AAA. Around 7:30 p.m. AAA arrives. His parents brought us their car so that we could "go to the graduation party." Since the "party" was over, Chris suggested that we go grab a bite to eat in Addison. Since I am always starving, I eagerly agreed.

We start driving though neighborhoods (we were lost because Chris refused to let me put the address into my GPS) and Chris called the "restaurant" to say that his "reservation" was at 7:45, but let them know we were running late because the car had died! I thanked him for being such a sweet boyfriend and surprising me with a dinner. Then we pull into an AIRPORT...not a restaurant!! We walk in, I am shaking, and asked him if we are going on a helicopter ride?!?! By the way, I had told him a million times that I always wanted to go on a helicopter ride because Chris had bragged about the multiple helicopter rides he had gone on due to his Dad's job.

This is before the flight. All smiles!
After we signed our lives away, which I guess is what marriage essentially is, we walked out to the helicopter awaiting us! My first thought was, "How is my claustrophobic self going to survive riding in one of those?" I am in disbelief and Chris tells me that this is my Christmas present!! I am so excited, and slightly scared...ok maybe terrified!

So, we get all settled in and take a "Holiday Light Tour" from the helicopter. Of course in the back of my mind I was thinking, "Man this would be a perfect time to propose..." but then again, our car had just died, Chris was acting completely normal, and I had been wearing the jacket that he then had on (because we were stuck on the side of the road, in the freezing cold) and there was definitely no ring in the pocket. We enjoyed the most amazing views of Christmas lights, took pictures, laughed about random things and after about an hour we started to descend. No proposal. Whomp-whomppp.

We get out of the helicopter and I start doing the normal girl thing and take pictures. I was taking a picture of the helicopter and then asked the pilot (who knew what was about to happen) if he could take a picture of Chris and I. He snaps the picture and I go to grab the camera as Chris asks if he could take one more. As I turn around to reposition for the next picture, my most handsome, awesome, adorable, wonderful boyfriend is on a knee and asks if I will marry him! I, of course, start crying...reply with YES (I think I replied, can't remember)!!! It was the most amazing night of my life! On top of my grandma's vintage, platinum, and diamond engagement ring that he put on my finger and a helicopter ride, Chris pulls out the Michael Kors wallet that I wanted for Christmas!!! He followed up the gift with a comment something along the lines of, "Ugh! I am so relieved now that I don't have to hide a wallet, ring, or a helicopter ride!"

I am so thankful to have been blessed with a great man in my life. He is the most amazing person and I couldn't wait to be his wife!! My proposal is a day that I will never forget!

Love you Christopher!

Do you have a unique proposal story? Tell me about it!


  1. I just read this. So sweet. My hubs proposed to me at center court of Cameron Indoor Stadium(where Duke plays) I worked in the athletic dept & he had set the whole thing up. My boss said I needed to go to the court to take some pictures. When I walked in, was empty and then this huge banner dropped down. I was so clueless that I was like "how sweet, someone's getting engaged" then I heard footsteps coming across the court & when I turned around he was walking in w/the ring & a rose. Blink girlie... and 10 years have passed! Enjoy it! I love your stories!

  2. That is such an awesome engagement story :)

  3. what an amazing engagement story! I was proposed to at Christmastime as well, but there was no helicopter :)

  4. Loving this story. I hope mine (if and when it happens) is as special :)

  5. I just found your blog and love it! I think my husband and I have a fairly unique engagement story, so I thought I would share it. For Spring Break of my Junior year, my husband's Senior year in college, his parents took us and his younger sister to Cancun. His aunt, uncle, cousins and grandparents were also along on the trip. We had been dating for 4 years at this point and were talking about getting married after I graduated, so I was thinking a proposal would be coming at some point during the summer. Well, since we were at a really nice resort, his aunt and mom decided that we should go on a romantic dinner cruise. Little did I know that they were helping my boyfriend make the proposal special. We ate dinner below deck and then after dinner went above deck to check out the sights. Music was playing and a worker was going around asking the couples how long they had been married. I definitely do not remember all of the responses, but most were between 5-35 years. He came to me and I said we were just dating, well he made us get up on this platform and dance and show all of the other couples what young love looks like. Halfway through the song, which my hubby could tell you what the song was, hubby got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I definitely cried and said yes! Pretty sure I cried happy tears that whole night. I love our engagement story :)

    Your story is awesome as well! That is impressive that Chris didn't freak out when the car died! He had to have been nervous already, and then something like that goes wrong. Crazy!