Our Wedding Video

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jake Morgan is the one who made the magic happen; he captured our wedding day on video and words cannot describe how thankful we are to have these memories captured forever!

I found Jake through a friend that I worked with at Southwest Airlines. Only problem was that our wedding was in Texas and Jake lives in Tennessee. After some back-and-forth communication, Jake was making the hike to Texas to film our wedding! Woo hoo!

Then, a couple days (literally, a couple days!) before our wedding, Jake informed me that he was in Arkansas with a horrible stomach virus and he wasn't sure that he would be able to film our wedding. Out of everything on our wedding day, I wanted a video the most. I wanted to capture those memories forever and be able to show our children some day.

I knew that I couldn't fret about it, but inside I was balling! Ha! With lots of prayer, Gatorade, and medication, Jake made it to Dallas and was able to film our special day!

Thank you, Jake. You rock!

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