Honeymoon: Day 2

Friday, July 20, 2012

Everyone says Kauai/Hawaii is so expensive once you’re on the island. I beg to differ. We got an insider tip from a flight attendant who stays at the resort frequently. She said to go to this cheap, but delicious, place "off the resort property," but actually right next to the resort. Like music to our ears, we headed that way! It was only 15 bucks for both of us to eat! I had French toast, eggs, and bacon, and Chris had a huge breakfast sandwich. Can’t even be that in the states!

After breakfast we caught the shuttle to the airport to rent a car. Our hotel was about a two minute shuttle ride to the airport. We had signed up to rent a "body bag," as Chris called it (a super small car, Aveo, or something like that), but we opted to upgrade to a Jeep Patriot.  

The island is split in two by the Waimea Canyon. That day we were heading as far north (right side of the island) as possible. We started our adventure and stopped at a farmer's market where we purchased two avocados and a mini-pineapple. Apparently the small pineapples are less acidic.

As a side note: Once we got back home we cut that baby open and it really was less acidic…it was sweeter! Perfection! Our avocados got taken at the airport by the Hawaiian Agriculture Department. Boo!

In Princeville there are a bunch of adorable shops that we stopped at. Came out empty handed, but with a full tummy of Lappert’s Ice Cream! I love, love, LOVE ice cream and many reviews said Lappert’s was a must. It did not disappoint!

We then continued north until we got to a beach that had "Windex Blue" water. We had been told by a local that you will know it when you see it. We stopped and took some pictures. Also at that spot was a "dry cave." After a short time there we continued north.

Look at these amazing roots from a tree!!
You then come to the veryyy end of the road and so we parked, got out, and did what everyone else was doing: hike. It is called the Na Pali Coastline. Breathtaking. We hiked two-plus miles to this secluded beach (where you can't swim because you might die!). It was so fun! It rains so randomly in Hawaii so we were soaking wet! It was a workout, that's for sure!

A couple hours later when we were done and all muddy, we got back to the car and headed south. We stopped by the Kilauea Lighthouse, which is the northern most point in Hawaii. Took some pictures and continued south.

We got back to the hotel, showered, and headed out to eat. I think we ate at Dukes, again.

It was an adventurous, yet exhausting day!

Have y'all ever hiked the Na Pali Coast?! Ever hiked somewhere similar?

Happy Friday!

What are you weekend plans? I am headed to a bachelorette party for one of my dear friends and then date night with my husband!

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  1. I found your blog from a link party on Young House Love: we are thinking of going to Kauai next summer and thinking of staying at the same resort. What is the 'cheap' breakfast place you ate at? I'd love any travel tips!