Honeymoon: Day 5, Our last day...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Friday we (Chris) decided we should play golf. I would never agree to play golf in Texas where you literally could cook because it is so hot, but golf in Hawaii didn't sound too bad. It was our last day in Kauai and just spending quality time with my hubby was all I wanted. The views while golfing were amazing. We were literally playing right on the water. I wasn't terrible, but I was getting blisters and that did not make me happy. But, all in all, Chris had a great time, and I did too :) I mastered my golf cart driving skills, photography skills, and I did do legitimately good on a couple holes. Chris loved every minute of it! 

Yes, we are only on the driving range...and I'm ready to be done!
I have a softball swing...there's always room for improvement.

This was the part in the day when Chris was taking golf less seriously.

I introduce to you: Chris Tucker, The Golf Dancer...


And...he might have inspired me too...

After golf we headed back to the hotel where they were holding our bags. We showered in the "Owners Lounge" because we had to be out of our room at noon. We headed back to Duke's for one last meal and Hula Pie...and maybe one or two adult beverages. Hey, we were in for a long flight home! The rental car had to be back by 8:00pm so we returned it before catching the shuttle to the airport to catch out flight back to Texas!

Our honeymoon was more than we could have ever asked for. Relaxing and quality time with your best friend...can’t beat that! We hope to visit Hawaii again someday. Maybe Maui?!

What is your favorite island?! Is there a tropical place that you’d rather go?

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