Curtains and Canton

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

We now have dining room curtains! We loveee them. I was a little nervous about the pattern, but once they were up they fit perfectly with the rest of the house.

When I was gone this past weekend visiting my Meme and Granddad, my precious husband continued to are almost done! I am hoping to finish this weekend. We are painting the living room, dining room, and kitchen Mourning Dove by Martha Stewart Paints. I saw it over on this blog and loved how it looked with almost any accent color.

This weekend my girlfriends and I are headed to First Monday in Canton. If you have never been you have to go! It is amazing. I am in search of something to hang over our fireplace...not exactly sure what I want, but I'm hoping that when I see it, I fall in love.

What to go over the fireplace...
Along with a hopeful Canton find, I am looking to do something like this on one of the huge blank walls we have. I want to frame sentimental items instead of having a giant collage of Chris and I. I'm not looking to turn our home into a Chris and Sarah shrine. Gag-me. I want to frame pictures of the dogs, maybe our wedding invitation, and other nick-knacks that I have been holding onto for years thinking that I would someday cherish it. Here's to wishful thinking! I am going to use these white frames from Ikea in all sizes.

Do you have any pending home projects?!

Happy Tuesday!

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