Love and Baseball

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

When I think about baseball, a lot comes to mind. I grew up playing softball, played in select leagues throughout my life, and was fortunate enough to be able to play in college. I also think about my favorite team, the Rangers, and how much I loved going to games as a child and now as an adult. Plus, I might have snagged me an ex-baseball player so I am partial to that sport!

I was a pitcher in high school.

Love the full face mask!

Soaking up the Rangers.

Baseball also has a place in my heart because if Chris and I didn't both go to college to play baseball or softball, we may have never met! I was all signed up and ready to go to The University of Texas at Austin when I decided, in April of my senior year of high school, that I wasn't done playing softball. I was able to go play for The University of Texas at Tyler, where I met Chris. Chris had multiple offers to play baseball and he chose UT Tyler. Yay!

When  I played at UT Tyler.

Chris when he played at UT Tyler.

He is #56

Sparks first flew between us when we played on a recreational slow pitch softball league together. Once again, another reason why I love the game! I was the catcher and he was the pitcher. He threw balls at me (oops..did I say that!)!

One way or another our paths kept crossing and because of some great timing and the love of the game, we are happily married today!

Now, we LOVE going to Rangers games. Literally LOVE sitting in the 100+ degree Texas heat, sweating our you-know-whats off....okay I lied, sometimes it is miserable, but it is in our blood. We always talk about how we can't even run a mile in the afternoon heat, where when we were in our teens we would play all weekend tournaments and still be alive! Oh the beauty of getting older! We have named our boy (pup) Wrigley after Chris's favorite stadium, home to the Chicago Cubs, and we have devoted so much of our lives to playing on a dirt diamond that we can only hope one day our kids want to follow in our footsteps. Of course they will be encouraged to do whatever their little hearts desire...but I might put a bug in their ear!

Wrigley as a little pup. Bailey smiling like a good girl.

First year Rangers went to the World Series.

We have gone to several games this season and plan on going to many more. We can't get enough! Tonight we are headed to a Frisco Rough Riders game. Super pumped about that! We got the tickets from Chris's work and another couple (from his work) are going with us. Apparently we are in the "all you can eat and drink section" and, although I love baseball, I might love food a little more! Pray we survive the heat and don't walk around with those awkward sweat spots everywhere! Ha!

Did I mention Chris LOVES cotton candy?!

He LOVES it...

You can just see the sugar...yum.

Baseball also plays into the "Things You Want To Do Before You Have Kids" list. Our plan is to visit all 30 MLB stadiums before we pop out our own little ball player. The catch is that even though we have been to several fields, we have to go to them together for it to count. We want to make a scrapbook and take the same "signature" pictures at each stadium; i.e. one in front of the entrance, one by the scoreboard, and one of us eating of course! We hope to knock out a few stadiums soon, but with everything going on we might have to start this plan next season!

Hope y'all have a great Wednesday!

Do you have any fun trips that you want to take? Any "must do before a baby" plans?! I want to hear!


  1. 2 Reasons why I'm a new follower... 1st: I'm a fellow Dallas-ite blogger and am super excited to find another! 2nd: Me & my boyfriend also met through a mutual sport. We LOVE playing volleyball and met at a sand tournement over 2 years ago :)

    1. So happy to have another follower! And Texas girl! Sports is where the sparks fly :)

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