Honeymoon: Day 4

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thursday we decided to go back to Poipu, at the recommendation of our waitress at Café Portifino. She suggested that we go to "Old Town Koloa,” go to the Fish Market, get LauLau and Kalua Pork to-go, then head to Poipu Beach to snorkel. Instead of renting snorkel gear she suggested we ask the life guards. Who knew?!

So, off in our little Jeep Patriot we went. We went to the fish market and OMG I have no idea what I was eating, but it was amazing! Literally the best pork and mystery items we have ever had. Chris was devouring it! After we ate like we had never eaten before, we walked around and shopped. We bought homemade soap and candles and, of course, we had ice cream :) After we were all shopped out, we headed to the beach!

It was a beautiful day! We snorkeled a little. Saw some very colorful fish and even a huge sea turtle. We didn't actually see the turtle while we were snorkeling, but once we got out of the water he swam right up to the bank. We hung out at the beach all day; read, snacked, and just enjoyed not being in the 100+ degree Texas heat. Did I mention that it is always perfect temperature there? Well it is. It's about 77-86. Every. Single. Day. Perfection!

We had been at the beach for about four hours when the waves started growing and the lifeguards put up all these warning signs. Apparently the surf had come in. We don’t experience that in Texas, so it was cool to watch it unfold so quickly. It was crazy how fast it went from calm, glass-like water, to a raging ocean. We decided we had had enough sand, salt, and sun, so we packed up and headed to the hotel.

We headed straight to have dinner at the cheap breakfast place we had been eating at. They said they had great burgers and they were right! They were delicious. We had "Taro" fries, which is some Hawaiian potato or something. Who knows, but it was good!

Have you ever been to Poipu Beach?! Snorkeled and seen anything cool?!

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