Weekend bidding wars...

Monday, February 3, 2014

Chris and I started the weekend out with a Friday night pizza date to Palio's. We both felt terrible after eating way too much, so it was early to bed for us.
Saturday morning came way too fast, and we were up again ready for a full day of house hunting. To save myself from sounding like a broken record, we are in another bidding war. Just read last weeks house hunting post and that is how this weekend was; stressful.
Sunday funday - ha!- started with a hacking cough and watching Life As We Know It. It was also icy and rainy all day, so perfect for laying around. I just asked Chris, "What did we do today?" because I couldn't remember and he said, with a sarcastic look, "Nothing..." Oh yes, that's right, nothing. We did manage to fix the ignitor in our oven without killing one another. I ordered the part a couple weeks ago and, since the inspector is coming tomorrow (for the people who bought our house), we really needed to get this problem fixed.
I, being the woman, decided to watch a variety of YouTube videos to ensure we installed the gas ignitor correctly. Chris, being a man, decided to go with the "I can handle it, honey" method which started with him disassembling the wrong part of the stove. After much convincing (women, you know what I'm talking about) Chris decided to listen to my instructions. An hour later, with minimal arguing, we successfully got our oven running hot again. Team Tucker right here, baby!
In first-world form, right after fixing our oven, we decided it was too much work to cook something to put the oven to use, so we headed out for Wingstop. We deserved it. And, if I'm being honest, I hate Wingstop, but that sounded better than cooking. The wings are over-fried and what morsel of meat is left is always stringy and tough, but their fries and ranch are to die for.  
Wrigley is growling because the Broncos are playing like girls.
Now we are sitting here watching the Broncos get dominated by the Seahawks. Too dampen the mood, I just got a call from my Dad and someone stole his wallet and he is supposed to travel to three different states over the next week. Poor guy...I could hear the disappointment in his voice. Why do bad things happen to good people? Prayers for him, please!
Tomorrow is Monday and I feel like I barely got a weekend. Usually I am pumped to get back to my kiddos, but I am praying this Sunday night gets stretched just a wee bit longer.
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  1. Hope the bidding war turned out in your favor!! And I know I've said it 30 times before but I just adore Wrigley's ears!!

  2. Seriously though...what game were the Broncos playing in? Cause it sure wasn't the superbowl. Aaron and I weren't upset that "our team" lost, but that they didn't even play. Wingstop fries and their ranch were about the best part of my Sunday too ;)

  3. Why in the world do guys do that? Tear something up first because they can't be bothered to listen to you/look up directions?! I hope things turn out as they're meant to you house-wise, and hope your Dad is able to have a decent week. That's the pits :(

  4. I am so sorry that the bidding wars keep going on...I promise you guys will find something soon that is a perfect fit!! Keep your chin up! And gotta love our men who think they are mister fix its!! LOL! Stay warm up there. It's pretty dang cold here too! Hoping your Monday isn't all that bad! xoxo

  5. I hope the bidding wars will end soon! Glad you got everything fixed. My weekend was like yours - I'm usually ok with Mondays, but this weekend flew by!